Advaiya launches xBOM – a set of packaged content offering

Advaiya launches xBOM – a set of packaged content offering

Advaiya Solutions, one of the leading technology marketing services companies, today announced the launch of xBOM - a packaged content offering.


Advaiya launches xBOM – a set of packaged content offeringAdvaiya Solutions, one of the leading technology marketing services companies, today announced the launch of xBOM – a packaged content offering.

Today, content marketing is perceived as a critical part of the overall mix in order to increase the effectiveness of marketing and communication.  Building effective content marketing strategy requires a lot of investment, proper planning, and a good set of content assets. Advaiya’s xBOM is a simplified set of packaged content offerings, focused on providing the needed guidance and enabling you to build the relevant content, in the right form, and disseminate at the right time to the right people. Currently, xBOM offerings cover the most common scenarios – product and service launch (pre-launch and post launch), sales force readiness, partner enablement. In near future, Advaiya plans to launch xBOM offerings for many more relevant scenarios. Excited about the launch of xBOM, Manish Godha, Founder and CEO of Advaiya says “xBOM is all about enabling you to rapidly getting to value by supercharging your content marketing, taking the content development load off from you, and delivering high-quality, reusable content assets to you.” Advaiya has an extensive experience of developing relevant content assets and artifacts across the entire sales and marketing lifecycle for leading technology companies as well as innovative startups. For around eight years, they have been producing high quality, audience-targeted marketing and sales content for positioning technology products and solutions – whitepapers, videos, interactive ads, playbooks, articles, creatives, infographics, websites, discussion and conversation guides, mobile apps, emailers, newsletters, value pitch, compete collaterals, and more.

Manish said that, “having the right content has always been important. But with the customers increasingly spending most of their time on digital mediums – web, mobile and social, and easy access to content management and dissemination tools, content marketing has gained traction and momentum. You can deliver your messages (in any form factor) to your audience within minutes, which is not possible using the traditional marketing channels. This has led to an increase in the demand for content.” With customers available on multiple touch points it is likely that a lead can be generated from anywhere. Companies, along with delivering the right content across different touch points, also need to be available on these channels to interact with their customers. Manish says, “that for having a competitive edge it is also important to ensure that you are spending enough time listening to your audience’s needs and continuously optimize your products and messaging accordingly. Our xBOM offering addresses just that. We partner with you to ensure that your content needs are met so you can look after strategy and actually spend time talking to customers and partners. We want to power your content marketing initiatives and believe that xBOM provides you the relevant materials that you need.” With xBOM, Advaiya’s focus is twofold. First is to provide directional support to customers on content planning and roadmap, and identifying the right channels to adopt based upon audience, business & technology contexts, etc. Second focus is to provide content development services – content writing, creative services, production and processing, quality assurance, and content management.

Romi Mahajan, a renowned marketer, President of KKM Group, and an advisor to Advaiya Solutions commented, “xBOM is exactly the sort of breakthrough I have come to expect from Advaiya Solutions.  Customers have a clear and well-defined need for package content that connects to their business scenarios but do not have the twin luxuries of large budgets and long time frames in which to realize value. xBOM is a perfect solution for this business conundrum.” The Advaiya xBOM launch coincides with the inauguration of one of the premier technology marketing events – Tech Marketing 360, which will start this week in California (US), where Manish has been invited to speak about his insights on technology marketing and Advaiya’s Technology Marketing-as-a-Service (TMaaS) offering.

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