Banking-Only 2 working days between March 27 and April 4

Banking-Only 2 working days between March 27 and April 4

Check the details of bank holidays here.
Banking-Only 2 working days between March 27 and April 4
March 27 is 4th Saturday followed by Sunday and festival of Holi. After this comes the financial year ending when banks may not serve the customers but will be open only for closing their yearly accounts.

Banks will be operational for 2 days only between March 27 and April 4. If you have any urgent banking work, make sure you attend to it at the earliest. Banks may not entertain customers on one of these 2 operational days.

With a number of holidays in series, public must make sure that they visit the banks much before 27th March as post this they will be required to wait for at least a week to get their work done. Online banking would be available during this time but going to the bank physically for any transaction is not possible during this period.

March 27 is 4th Saturday of the month and banks are closed on this day. It may be noted that banks do not operate on 2nd and 4th Saturdays of any month. March 28 is Sunday and March 29 is a holiday due to the festival of Holi. Banks will be open on 30th March in places other than Patna but you may experience a lot of rush as they will open after 3 consecutive holidays.

March 31 is financial year closing and banks will be open but may not entertain customers on this day as this is the last day of the financial year. Banks are closed even on 1st April to enable closing of yearly accounts. 2nd April is Good Friday and banks are closed for this day. This means that any bank work can be done only on 3rd April which is a Saturday and once again banks may experience rush.

Mobile banking and internet banking will still be operational, but ATMs may face cash shortage and not disburse cash after a certain point of time. It is therefore advised that you keep some cash ready with you in advance to avoid inconvenience later.

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