Buying Sneakers - a regular shop or an online store?

Buying Sneakers - a regular shop or an online store?

Pros and Cons of buying shoes sneakers in store vs online
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Every sneakerhead has their own way of getting new models of shoes. Some like to visit a shop and try on a few pairs, while other appreciate the convenience of online shopping. Others yet will contact private vendors or go abroad for a shopping spree. Each of these solutions has its pros and cons – let’s have a look at them in turn, to find out what the best way to buy sneakers is.

Pros and cons of traditional shopping

Many people consider traditional shopping a ritual in its own right. You enter a shop and look at the familiar shelves, while browsing through the latest collections. You carefully pick each product to explore its weight, design and aesthetics. The best thing about traditional shopping is that you can try on every model you like  –  to see whether a specific pair of sneakers  is comfortable and to make sure the model you choose will match your style. Some people can’t imagine shopping without this element of real-life verification.

In a stationary shop you can also count on the qualified staff for help and advice. They are probably familiar with the products and will be able to offer a few useful hints. Buying a new pair of sneakers can sometimes  involve a considerable expense, so it’s good to consult your decision with somebody who’s in the know. Fortunately, in such stores some of the staff might be sneakerheads, too.

A disadvantage of this solution is the need to visit the shop, which is time and energy consuming. You may also be faced with a queue or crowds of other shoppers, which may not be something you would like to experience.

Pros and cons of buying sneakers online

You maybe one of those people who like to look good without having to visit the shops. You know what you want and you don’t need anybody’s assistance, let alone the presence of other shoppers. If this is the case, you will definitely appreciate online stores. On these websites you will easily filter the products and compare those you might be interested in. And you can do all this without ever leaving your home.

Although an obvious disadvantage of this solution is that you cannot try on the shoes of your choice, you always have the option to return the product free of charge. What is more, once you’re familiar with the size chart of a specific brand, you will know which models to order in the future.

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