Celebrity weddings give a boost to Udaipur tourism

Celebrity weddings give a boost to Udaipur tourism

The month of November turned out to be good for hotel industry.
Celebrity weddings give a boost to Udaipur tourism

-The unlock brought back destination weddings which gave the much needed boost to tourism in Udaipur.

-Rise in the number of tourists in November also gave a good relief to the hotel industry.

-Have the mandates been followed? The answer is obvious.

Celebrity weddings in Udaipur have turned out to be a boon for the tourism industry. Where October had around 18k plus tourists, there the graph of November saw a rise of 36k tourists taking the numbers to 54k plus. It has been assessed that the celebrity weddings have brought tourists back to Udaipur and the importance of Udaipur on the tourism map is gaining the much deserved popularity.

The hotel industries got a good amount of business in November. As per information business of more than 15 crore rupees has fallen into the lap of hotel industry and has brought much relief. The wedding of actor Kangana Ranaut’s brother put Udaipur back into light and tourists were drawn back to Udaipur.

It may be noted that Udaipur’s serenity is also a big reason behind the people choosing it for their weddings. The tranquil atmosphere has pulled domestic tourists from Maharashtra, Gujarat and Delhi. The recent wedding of Telugu actress Niharika has endorsed the fact that Udaipur has a lot to offer when it comes to destination weddings.

191 tourists visited Udaipur in June 2020 and then the numbers multiplied in July. This was then followed by more and more tourists by August which ultimately went as high as 54k plus in November. Both the festive season and the wedding season have been quite helpful in increasing the number of tourists giving a great hope to the tourism industry.

All this is one side of the coin. The other side of the coin has the dangerous face that is likely to bring in a dangerous phase for public. The celebrity weddings have brought in luck as far as business is concerned, but the major aspect has been forgotten here. Though social distancing norms may have been literally followed, yet  people have been there without masks. Wow!! the make-up of the celebrites matter and their photographs also mean a lot for their lifetime...but isn't this setting a wrong example on the common man? These people in the limelight must be a good example for the others to follow whereas all the pictures of the weddings on various social media sites prove that they had all the exemption or the self exemption and even the administration and police did not penalise them for breaking the rules. 

Probably it is only the common man who must be fined, jailed or punished but the celebrities move out free even after breaking the rules. Most of the pictures that are rolling over social media clearly show that the actors and the families have not worn the masks and this major mandate has been broken. Had it been a wedding in a common man's family, police would have made rounds and issued a penalty horoscope. Has any one even mentioned the number of guests these celebrities brought along with them? Did they not have additional people in their list viz. make-up artists (they can't do without their own artists), helpers, personal assistants...and we the general public are forced to follow the limit of 100 people including the work team??

Administration needs to prove that they are not affected by the status of people, that rules are same for all and if an action has been taken against the rules broken during the celebrity weddings, the news hasn't yet made rounds over social media. Clarifications are much needed over this and everyone must be kept on the same platform especially during the pandemic era.

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