Know the Difference between Your CIBIL Score and CIBIL Report

Know the Difference between Your CIBIL Score and CIBIL Report

Know what is the difference between a CIBIL Score and CIBIL Report
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Usually, many of us misinterpret the meaning and significance of the two terms ‘CIBIL score’ and ‘CIBIL report’. However, in real CIBIL score and CIBIL report are not similar in nature and hold separate importance. The primary difference between the two is that CIBIL score is in the form of numeric and the latter is a summary of consumer’s credit information, as provided by the lenders to credit bureaus on a monthly basis. Although, Credit Score and CIBIL report are used to measure the financial stability, creditworthiness and past credit behaviour of an individual but are not considered the same. With the help of these two terms, lenders analyse the risk involved in lending money to the borrowers.

Before applying for any credit facility, applicants need to check their CIBIL score if they have a credit history or have taken any loan or credit card in the past. Before we get into the difference between these two terms, let us first understand the meaning and significance of CIBIL score and CIBIL report.


Your good CIBIL score signifies that you hold the trust and confidence of the lenders. CIBIL score is a 3-digit numeric that ranges from 300-900, which is calculated and generated by TransUnion CIBIL. It is generated on the basis of consumer credit information, as provided by the lenders on a monthly basis to CIBIL. Manage your credit score above 750 to be recognized as a credit responsible borrower. Any score that is as close to 900 is highly considered by the financial institutions, as well as it holds high chances of loan or credit card approval. Out of the four leading Credit Information Companies (CICs) or credit bureaus in India, CIBIL score is majorly preferred by the banking and financial institutions.

CIBIL Report

CIBIL report or Credit Information Report (CIR) is a detailed summary that consists of comprehensive information regarding a consumer’s credit history, including CIBIL score, past payment behaviour, credit products, account and personal information, contact details, etc. Your CIBIL report does not contain any information regarding your savings or investments. It only maintains the details of your past and existing loans and credit cards on a monthly basis.

Difference between CIBIL Score and CIBIL Report

Below stated is the tabular representation of the key differences between the two terms. It shall help you to have a basic understanding of these two terms and maintain a good CIBIL score and healthy credit report.



CIBIL Report


A numeric value that ranges between 300-900

Summary of consumer’s credit history of borrowing, including payment history, credit accounts, etc.


To provide a summary of creditworthiness and past credit behaviour to lenders

To provide a detailed analysis of consumer’s credit history (CIBIL score included)


300-900, NA/NH for applicant with no credit history or New-to-Credit

No specific range – only detailed report


Varies differently as per Credit Information Companies because of the unique algorithm used to calculate scores

Shall consist of inaccuracies or faulty information that needs to be resolved at the earliest to avoid any dip in your CIBIL score

Contributing factors

Payment history, credit mix, credit utilization ratio, credit inquiries, types of credit, etc.

Payment history, credit accounts, length of credit history, public records, etc.

These differences clearly indicate that there is no direct correlation between CIBIL score and CIBIL report. However, at the time of loan sanctioning lenders do check both your credit score and report to know your creditworthiness, payment history and repayment capacity. Your healthy credit report helps you achieve a decent credit score and a weak credit report may result in a low credit score. In case you witness a dip in your credit score, do check your CIBIL report for errors and resolve them at the earliest by raising an online dispute with TransUnion CIBIL via Consumer Dispute Resolution Process @ CIBIL’s official website. You may use the below CIBIL’s registered office address to write in your query or suggestions.

TransUnion CIBIL Ltd.

One World Centre, Tower 2A, 19th Floor, Senapati Bapat Marg, Elphinstone Road, Mumbai - 400 013 or call Customer Support Helpline @ 022-61404300 between (10 am - 6 pm) Monday to Friday


Maintaining a good CIBIL score shall always help you to save money on the interest rates and processing fees on loans, as well as get credit card approvals instantly by leading card providers. Lenders, including private and public sector banks, NBFCs, cooperative banks, and other financial institutions use CIBIL reports and scores to determine your creditworthiness and past payment history. It is always recommended to pay your loan EMIs and credit card dues in time to improve your CIBIL score and become a credit responsible borrower.

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