Neetish Sarda - Defining the 'New Normal' in the Corporate World

Neetish Sarda - Defining the 'New Normal' in the Corporate World

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COVID-19 has brought about unprecedented changes in the business world. The workspace sector was among the first to be severely impacted. The traditional 9-to-5 corporate routine of working from a defined office space has been upended due to the rise in work-from-home opportunities, which blurs the lines between work and leisure.

A new type of office working flexible workplace transformed business around a decade ago. This move to the "new normal" has been facilitated by the availability of flexible workplaces, which provide organizations and individuals with the flexibility they require to keep operations running smoothly. Co-working gradually gained a foothold and, until now, has never looked back. While we're all familiar with the 'old normal' of office-based work, smart people want to create value over time.

Additionally, flexible workspaces are a convenient and efficient way to conduct corporate operations, thanks to features such as flexible membership options, ready-to-move-in arrangements, virtual office tours, and ergonomically designed workstations. This enables firms to extend and expand their presence in newer markets without establishing a permanent base of operations.

The New Normal

Neetish Sarda & his team at Smartworks have their way of defining the 'new normal' in the corporate world. The 'new normal' is defined as a new set of rules, processes, and values for a company. The 'new normal' in the workspace sector is described more by the users' preferences than by the preferences of the co-working space. Co-working spaces will need to be adaptable in terms of space and scheduling; users will have the leverage to demand a secure and technologically enabled workstation while only paying for the hours they utilize the space. This is how smart working can foster a culture of innovation. It is an exciting new way to work and stay connected.

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The future office will be a network of smaller, more adaptable, and safer locations that benefit both employees and the firm by reducing commute time and enhancing productivity.

The idea of Smartworks is based on the fact that people are more engaged, creative, and productive in the workplace.

Neetish Sarda, the founder of Smartworks, is the youngest CEO in India. He believes that a world full of energy belongs to the young and energetic. He wanted to change the way Indian offices looked to make them more effective and engaging. He discovered that many offices in India were out of date and recognized that a modern workplace had to reflect the latest trends in technology and employee happiness.

The Wellness Factor

If there is one area in which no workspace model should skimp, it is safety and wellness. Employee safety will take precedence over all other considerations, and wellness will quickly become a priority. Due to the high emphasis placed on employee safety, traditional offices may not accommodate large groups in one location. This will pave the path for office space decentralization.

From assuring comfort through superior workstation design to cleaner air and reduced pollution both within and outside of workspaces, safety and wellness measures will become more apparent in the "new normal."

Integrating Technology with Flexible Workspaces

The pandemic has swapped the dynamics of the traditional working model. It requires corporations to think beyond the 'office'. Utilizing next-generation office technology and collaboration tools provide a smooth and personalized workplace experience. It enables people to work more successfully. A technology-enabled workspace is one that seamlessly connects all types of workspaces, including office, co-working, and Working From Home. Automation, mobility, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the Internet of Things (IoT) will all contribute to employees being linked, although remotely.

As a new-gen leader, Neetish Sarda has been investing in technology since the beginning of his company. His innovative solutions have improved employee productivity and the experience of its members. His transformation of the Smartworks facility into a digitally enabled workspace has garnered acclaim from employees and clients alike. The benefits of workplace technology are numerous and have already been proven to increase employee happiness.

As the founder of Smartworks, Neetish Sarda has successfully converted Smartworks workspaces into flexible workspaces, helping employees to reduce their stress levels and work more efficiently. He has also incorporated mindfulness practices through various community engagement activities.


Most businesses have historically supported healthy behaviors at the workplace through health club memberships, preventative health screenings, and other means. Smartworks, the nation's leading provider of flexible workspaces, is one of those businesses. Its flagship facility, Smartworks, offers over 1.2 million square feet of flexible workspaces, catering to Fortune 500 companies and high-growth start-ups. The company has also been applauded for its innovative ideas and entrepreneurship.

Co-working will change in the coming year to conform to the 'new normal' of the workspace sector. As a result, the concept of "flexible workspaces" will become more fluid and customizable, allowing co-working to establish a more viable position in the future years.

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