Going Inverter Shopping? Know These 4 Things To Compare Inverter Prices

Going Inverter Shopping? Know These 4 Things To Compare Inverter Prices

things to know before buying an inverter price of inverter

Inverter price is undoubtedly one of the most important factors that people consider when buying an inverter battery combo. But what they also need to know is that it is not the only factor that should determine their buying decision. People should rather focus on the factors that impact the cost of the inverter battery combo and then make a buying decision accordingly. To help, in this post we have listed three important factors that determine the cost of a home inverter.

1. VA Rating of Inverter

The VA Rating of an inverter is a measure of the voltage and current that an inverter can deliver. The VA Rating depends on the load requirement. Let’s say the peak load requirement for Property A during a power cut is 2 fans, 2 tube lights, 1 refrigerator and 1 television. Whereas let’s say the peak load requirement for Property B during a power cut is 4 fans, 4 tube lights, 1 refrigerator, 1 television and 1 air conditioner. In this scenario, Property B would require an inverter with a much higher VA rating as compared to Property A. And since the price of an inverter depends on its VA Rating, properties with a higher load requirement would need a more expensive inverter as compared to properties with less load requirement.

2. Battery Capacity

The price of an inverter battery is directly proportional to the battery capacity. Battery capacity is the amount of charge the battery can hold. It is measured in Ah (Ampere-hours). Higher the battery capacity, more the charge it can hold, and therefore, more backup it provides.

When purchasing an inverter battery, you should opt for one with a higher capacity. Although it would be a little extra but at least you don’t have to worry in case your load requirement increases with time, Also, as batteries age their efficiency reduces (as in the same battery provides less power output) and so it is always advisable to go with a battery with a slightly 10-15% higher battery capacity than what you actually require.

Two major factors determine the power backup requirement. Based on these, you can choose the right battery capacity.

1. The duration of a power cut: If you live in an area with frequent power cuts, you would need more (longer) power backup which means you need a battery with a higher battery capacity.

2. The number of appliances you need during a power cut: If you want to run more appliances during a power cut, you would need more power backup. Thus, invest in a battery with a higher battery capacity.

3. Type of Inverter Batteries

The price of an inverter battery also depends on the type of battery you choose. There are 3 types of inverter batteries that you will find in the market.

(i) Flat Plate Battery

If you are looking for an economical, low-cost inverter battery, the flat plate battery is an ideal option. It is the cheapest among the 3 battery types. The major benefit of a flat plate battery is - it charges at a high speed. However, it offers less power backup. Hence, these batteries are recommended for areas that experience frequent power cuts - of shorter durations. Besides, they have a shorter lifespan and shorter warranty periods. Flat plate batteries require far more maintenance as compared to tubular and Gel batteries.

(ii) Tubular Battery

Just like flat plate batteries, tubular batteries too are a kind of lead-acid battery. They are available in two types - long tubular batteries and short tubular batteries. Tubular batteries are more expensive as compared to flat plate batteries as they can hold more charge and are available in higher battery capacities. Tubular batteries are a reliable option for areas that experience long power cuts. They offer a greater power backup. Moreover, they require minimal maintenance (fewer water top-ups). Besides, they have a longer lifespan and come with longer warranty periods.

(iii) Gel Battery

Gel batteries are valve-regulated lead-acid batteries that come with gelified electrolytes. These are the most expensive of all. However, they provide the best performance - among the 3 battery types. Gel batteries deliver a more consistent power backup - as compared to flat-plate or tubular batteries. Most importantly, they deliver the same performance throughout their lifespan. That's because they don't shed their active material over time (no grid-corrosion). The best thing about Gel batteries is that they are maintenance-free (no water top-up required).

4. Warranty of Battery

Warranty of an inverter battery is the period during which the manufacturer provides free repair services in case anything goes wrong with the battery. Different brands provide different warranty periods. But if you want peace of mind it’s best to go with a reputable brand like Luminous India so that there’s minimal risk of the battery going bad during the warranty period.

Now, talking about how battery price is impacted by the warranty of a battery. Well, you would find that manufacturers sell different variants of the same battery (same in terms of battery capacity) at different price points (which depend on the warranty of the battery). So let’s say X and Y both require a battery with a battery capacity of 200 Ah. X’s main concern is that the battery should be cheap whereas Y’s main concern is that there shouldn’t be a need to change the battery in 2-3 years. In this case X can go with a 200 Ah battery - one with a 3 year warranty as it would cost less. Whereas Y can opt for a 200 Ah battery - one with a 5 year warranty as Y has no issues spending more on a battery that would require no replacement for the next 5 years.

Want a reasonably priced quality inverter battery combo?

If you want to buy the best inverter battery combo that too at reasonable rates then you should definitely check out the wide range of inverter battery combos that Luminous India has to offer. They are one of the pioneers in the home power solutions space with an excellent track record of delivering quality products at reasonable prices.

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