Did you know Lord Shri Ram was a Manglik?

Did you know Lord Shri Ram was a Manglik?

Did you know Lord Shri Ram was a Manglik?

Lord Shri Ram was born in Tretayuga. His birth chart was in the seventh house, highest of the high, which is a Manglik dosh. Ram was married to Sita , but he was largely deprived of the happiness of married life. After marriage, he went into exile. Even while he was accompanied in exile by his wife Sita,, his life was further disbanded following the kidnapping (haran) of Sita by Ravana.

Surprisingly, though the 36 qualities (छत्तीस गुण) of Lord Rama and Sita matched,  Sita herself got very little time with Ram.  Her married life was full of events and it was not as happy as an ideal married life should be.  This Manglik Dosh led to even Luv & Kush being born while Sita was away from Ram.

Even in present times, Mangal Dosh is as influential as the ancient times. According to astrology, if a person is Manglik, then he should be married to a Manglik.  Additionally, when a person is situated in the 1st, 4th, 7th, 9th, 12th position or house of the horoscope, then that person’s horoscope is considered auspicious.

Nature of a Manglik

Among the many characteristics of a Manglik, one is that persons with Manglik Dosh fulfil their responsibility to the core.  They over perform when it comes to difficult tasks. Leadership is a trait intrinsic to their nature, and though they seem introvert and difficult as companions, once they get into a relationship, they do full justice to it.

A Manglik is ambitious by trait and anger is a part of their persona.  However, they are kind hearted and forgiving.  They do not compromise on truth and facts and make very little mistakes as they approach each task or conversation meticulously.  These people are highly qualified, good businessmen, parents, priests, politicians, doctors, engineers, more so, professionally well defined.

Manglik is a term used for placement of the Mars planet in the horoscope. Mars showcases a fierce attitude – impulsive, courageous, aggressive, blunt, etc.  A person with Manglik doshi is known to be difficult to adjust to situations and relationships, making married life slightly discomforting if a Manglik is married to a non Manglik.

Keep this caution while getting married

Usually the horoscope of girl and boy is matched at the time of marriage. The horoscope has 36 gunns and it is considered as good as the merits of the bride and groom. It is necessary to get at least 18 guns/qualities for marriage, getting less than this or getting 36 qualities is not considered right.

Because Lord Ram & Maa Sita had 36 gunns matching, it was the reason that they spent less time after marriage & the married life was not calm and peaceful though the love between them was immense.

A horoscope is also considered to be having a Manglik dosh when the Mars planet is placed in the 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th position (house) from the Moon sign. Here the 1st house or position indicates self, 4th indicates family happiness, 7th is for partner compatibility while physical intimacy is encompassed in the 8th and 12th houses or positions.

If Saturn and Rahu are in these places or even in the second and third house, then it also has an inauspicious effect on married life.

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