Doctor Fish Arrived in Udaipur's Celebration Mall

Doctor Fish Arrived in Udaipur's Celebration Mall

While most of the ‘BIG BRANDS’ are still waiting for their grand opening at Celebration Mall, a glass fish tank is attracting hundred of visitors. Walking little more closely to it, a flex banner explains the purpose of the box and those fishes swimming inside

‘Kiss Fish Therapy’ is what it says, though most of us still find it confusing but those who know or heard about “Doctor Fish” then it true, Doctor Fish formally known as Garra Rufa Fish is in Udaipur for first time. Doctor Fish Arrived in Udaipur's Celebration Mall

A dead skin cell treat for Garra Fish

A revolution in cosmetic peeling, Garra Rufa – a fish breed survived only by consuming dead skin cells is a great manicure and pedicure experience for Udaipurites. No need to be afraid of getting hurt, garra rufa don’t have teeth, they suck the dead skin and produce an enzyme that has some exciting effects to grow new lively skin. ‘I always wanted to initiate something innovative, these fishes took my attention while I visited a doctor fish spa in Bangkok and I decided to start Doctor Fish Therapy in Udaipur’ says 17 year old student Mohit Jain who started providing fish therapy, a month back in Celebration Mall. Doctor Fish Arrived in Udaipur's Celebration Mall

Mohit Jain with his Doctor Fishes at Celebration Mall, Udaipur

Garra Rufa, a fresh water fish is known by many names like doctor fish, nibble fish, reddish log sucker and kangal fish. It is found in Middle Eastern parts mainly Turkey, Iraq and Iran. From hundreds of years, the locals of Turkey used to get treatment from garra rufa, mainly skin of patients with psoriasis is still treated by these fishes. Now the doctor fish spa’s are getting widely popular in many countries of the world, including India. ‘These fishes are too delicate to handle because they cannot breed in the changed habitat, it took me more than a year to learn how to take care of these fishes. We cannot keep them hungry nor can we over feed them, that’s why we can only attend 20-25 clients a day to feed our 400 plus garras’ explained Mohit. About hygiene, Mohit says ‘we take care of cleaning the tub in every alternate day; however it also depends on number of sittings per day. If we have less than 20-25 sittings a day we change the water in every 3 days. Majority of people come here to experience the tickling of these small doctor friends, other comes for weekly therapy and treatment’. Doctor Fishes are getting good response in Udaipur, especially kids who just love the tickling on their feet and palms enjoy the kiss of fish. What about you? Kiss Fish Therapy is located on the upper ground floor of Celebration Mall, it’s next to Mc Donald’s

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