Elitehandicrafts.com Exhibiting Premium Collection for Diwali Corporate Gifts

Elitehandicrafts.com Exhibiting Premium Collection for Diwali Corporate Gifts

Corporate houses see Diwali as an opportunity when they can impress their employees, clients and stakehold

Elitehandicrafts.com Exhibiting Premium Collection for Diwali Corporate Gifts

With the festival of Diwali round the corner everyone finds their way out in selecting and picking the most adequate gifts for their loved ones. Diwali is the best time of the year when the special relationships are nurtured through gifts and goodies. Corporate houses see Diwali as an opportunity when they can impress their employees, clients and stakeholders. As far as the festivals in India are concerned Diwali is the greatest spectacle of the year. This very prominent festival of lights and gifts is observed with great elan across the nations. Indians and the Indian settled abroad have the great observance of the festival.

It is the global celebration of the day that makes it one of the greatest identities of Indian culture. Gifting is the most important aspect for which the day is prominent and reckoned all around. However personal gifting is a necessary aspect of Diwali celebration but it is always the corporate gifting that steals the show. There are many things and considerations that make corporate gifts in Diwali more significant than the other Diwali presents.

As it directly reflects the status of the business hence the corporate house cannot take any sort of risk in the same. It is the time for the corporate houses to get emotionally connected with their stakeholders hence a risk taken in choosing wrong or inappropriate gift can ruin the image of the organization. Considering the usefulness of corporate gifts and the requirement of premium, adequate yet budget friendly products, Elite Handicrafts is here with its brand new and much promising range of Diwali corporate gifts.

The premium collection of corporate gift for Diwali is definitely something that could help the business houses to nurture their special relationship terms with their well-wishers. Few of the best picks from the company in which it is offering extensive discounts for corporate and bulk orders are listed below.

Gold Plated Brass Pooja Thali: Diwali is an auspicious religious festival and it is meaningless without the religious offerings. Pooja is the essential custom of the festival and so as the requirement of Pooja thali. Keeping in consideration the significance of this in Diwali festival, Pooja thali is one amongst the most picked gift for Diwali and especially in the category of corporate gifts. To exhibit the premium touch in this gifting Elite Handicrafts presents Gold Plated Brass Pooja Thali for Diwali Corporate Gift. This is a pure brass Pooja thali and is coated with pure gold. Gold is considered to be the purest metal and is considered to be the prime element on Pooja as well. Corporate houses going for this gold plated Pooja thali could exhibit their elite status to the receiver with their inscribed logo or monogram on thali.

Silver Plated Pooja Thali: This is the most preferred Diwali corporate gift which was the company’s best seller last year too. Made from pure brass and coated with silver, this is the most auspicious gift for the occasion that perfectly exhibits the premium quality. The Pooja thali comes in two variants one is 7 pieces silver plated Pooja thali and another one is 9 pieces silver plated brass Pooja thali. This is a religious present and gifting it not only increases the reputation of the organization but the presenter would be remembered for a longer time through this present. Elite Handicrafts has proper arrangement for handling bulk orders of this premium corporate gift. Companies can also customize the gift with their logo or monogram inscribed in the silver plated Pooja thali. There is no additional shipping or delivery charge for the product and it can be delivered anywhere around the world.

Silver Plated Bowls: The festival of Diwali is all about buying and investing on pure metals like gold and silver. As it is the festival of wealth and prosperity hence people not even buy these precious metals for themselves but also consider it as an adequate gifting option too. As the Diwali corporate gift is directly proportional to the status of the company or organization hence premium gift choices in gold and silver is always preferred. Presenting gold gifts runs out of budget, hence Elite Handicrafts has come up with the great choices in budget and it is silver gifts. Silver Plated Bowls are the third most picked Diwali corporate gift choice. These are again pure brass bowls that comes in different variants of size and design. The pure silver coating in brass bowls makes it the most special and budget friendly Diwali corporate gift choice.

Elite Handicrafts is one amongst the most popular gifting destination for corporate gifts. The company so far has served in many big projects both India and from abroad as well. Dealing both with domestic and international clients Elite Handicrafts has managed its global image. It offers festive gifting, corporate gifting and everyday gifting choices as well. The best part of choosing the company for gifting purpose is its prompt and cost effective services.

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