Got mutilated currency notes from ATM? Contact the respective bank

Got mutilated currency notes from ATM? Contact the respective bank

The banks cannot refuse to exchange the damaged currency notes.
currency notes

Contact the respective bank whose ATM you used for withdrawal.

The withdrawal slip may prove to be of great help when you apply for the exchange.

It is quite irritating to receive damaged currency notes from the ATM. One is forced to think of the loss this might cause. Now with recent new developments coming up, one can push the worries away. If you receive mutilated/damaged currency notes from any bank’s ATM, simply go to that particular bank whose ATM you have used.

Apply to the respective bank mentioning the date and time of withdrawal, location of the ATM and attach the withdrawal slip along. If you have somehow lost the withdrawal slip or if the ATM did not give out any …simply provide the details of withdrawal that you received on the registered mobile number.

No bank can refuse to exchange the mutilated currency notes and if they do, they might be subject to a penalty upto 10,000 rupees. As per RBI rules, the damaged notes cannot be exchanged but based on the complaint of a customer, the bank asked the customer to take certain steps.

 The bank (in this case SBI) said, “Please note that the notes are checked through state-of-the-art note sorting machines before being loaded into our ATMs. Therefore the distribution of soiled/mutilated notes is impossible. However, you can get the notes exchanged from any of our branches."

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