How “Good Guys” Make Their Lives Miserable

How “Good Guys” Make Their Lives Miserable

Are you familiar with the concept of "good guy?" If you believe in stereotypes, it's a person who spends time with a woman, buys things to her and does everything to have sex with her and not to get into a friend zone


How “Good Guys” Make Their Lives Miserable Are you familiar with the concept of “good guy?” If you believe in stereotypes, it’s a person who spends time with a woman, buys things to her and does everything to have sex with her and not to get into a friend zone. Then, when the sexual relationship does not develop, a man becomes tough and angry because he feels that he has deserved sex, but he has been refused instead.

As a result, he hides in a cave and cherishes ill-will. This is a toxic relationship between a man and his supposed girlfriend. After listening to them, it seems that heterosexual men are actually the most oppressed people. However, it is because of being in the dark about things. Good guys do not have enough life experience, and, therefore, they make inexcusable mistakes in communicating with girls and mess up their future lives.

You believe that passivity is a reward.

Modern cinematography has glorified suffering men in numerous romantic movies, having made the dream of an impregnable but beautiful lady a part of the image of a “good guy.” Everyone knows that the good guys like bad girls. So, you have something to be proud of because towards the end of the movie there will be a series of phantasmagoric events that will bring together you and the object of your adoration. The main thing is to say the phrase that you have fallen in love with her at first sight and, if you believe the movie, you have to wait a long time for a chance to tell her about your feelings.

Do girls like good guys? Girls like when men try to conquer them, and not when they behave like a pushover. Do not think that everyone likes a sincere, ridiculous prude, as it is often shown in movies. Women want to have a purposeful, courageous and, most importantly, confident person by their side. That’s why some girls are treating good guys like crap.

You take offense.

Not so long ago, men learned that sex is a pleasure of joint activity and not a reward to one of the partners. It was uncustomary to talk about women’s satisfaction. However, the truth is that some people continue to think so. If you behave boorishly, ridiculously, joke vulgarly, don’t be surprised that women don’t like you. Instead of spreading rumors, work on yourself, and if you do not have physical virtues, use charisma. Don’t hold a grudge. And if a woman began to tell nasty things, then try to defeat her with wit and a caustic but a capacious word, and not by spreading dirty rumors.

You believe that one refusal is a verdict for life.

Do you remember the movie “The 40-Year-Old Virgin”? It is about how Steve Carell could not lose his physical virginity for awkward reasons. It seems that many men think that a single fiasco is a trouble for life. However, the secret of a happy life lies in the fact that you shouldn’t dwell on people with whom you go in different directions. If she has refused you twice, look for a new one. It is not necessary to choose among “untapped” women and improve your self-esteem due to ugly girls. Do not make a scene or overdramatize. It is the way the world works.

Epilogue: the main thing is an experience.

Why good guys like bad girls? A big part of men is doomed to complain and blame women for all their troubles and failures. The smartest of men do that impulsively, the rest part does that on a regular basis. The older you become, the fewer mistakes you make. This is not a senile snobbery, you simply get invaluable experience and better understand where and how to behave. No one has the right to have sex and be loved just because they are a good person. In fact, becoming a good person is a long process that can take away a sufficient amount of forces and emotions.

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