Choosing the Right Security Systems for your Home and Office

Choosing the Right Security Systems for your Home and Office

Now you can get Intrusion Systems for Rent in Udaipur

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The importance of Intrusion Prevention Systems for Home and Offices is highlighted by the fact that while CCTV provides post event information, Intrusion systems are able to prevent security breaches from happening.

Over the years, Intrusion Systems have been a costlier alternative to CCTV systems, while end users are not clear of the main difference between a CCTV system and an intrusion prevention system.

Uses of a CCTV System

A closed circuit television or CCTV system is a set of cameras (even one) which are installed across open or closed premises, and which record the activities in the vision of the camera. The recorded video footage from the camera can be used for Live Monitoring of premises (Construction, Mall/Public Movement Area, Theatre, School Class Room, Mines, Factories), Post event analysis (reviewing footage after an incident occurs) or for Live interaction with Employees (in offices, godowns, factoris) when integrated with Public Announcement Systems or House-help (in case of homes where elderly or children are being looked after by househelp). These are some of the genercic use cases of CCTV Cameras, with most being post event.

Home Intrusion Prevention System & Uses

While CCTV systems have their own use cases as described above, it is important to note that CCTV systems have their own limitation. Intruders might shut off the monitoring or recording systems, break the cameras, cover their faces with cloth or towel hence unrecognisable, or even walk away with the entire securty system. Hence to overcome these limitations, CCTV system can be complemented by the use of Intrusion Systems.

Unico Management Solutions, Udaipur, provides Intrusion Systems on Rent for domestic use, where Home Owners do not want to invest on full time intrusion systems and would still want their homes protected when they are away on vacation. Interested Home Owners may contact +91 90015 90203 for more details on Renting Intrusion Systems.

Intrusion Systems are a set of panel controlled devices, which monitor unauthorised movements in a certain premises, and can sound alarms when an intrusion is detected. Intrusion alarms can be activated when a door is opened, or a window glass is being tampered with, or when there is human movement in restricted areas. This detection will sound of an alarm, that will (1) alert neighbors and (2) deter the intruder from committing any crime...the intruder may well run away from the scene of the possible crime and the intrusion and crime can be avoided. hence prevention is better than cure? What are the kind of Intrusion Systems:

Wired Intrusion Systems

All devices, such as door contacts, glass tamper detectors, window detectors, PIR Motion Sensors, Bells and Keypad are connected with the main control panel through special wires. The advantage is connectivity and single power source or few power supply sources. The disadvantage of this system is the labour intensive task of cabling. Cabling can be prone to damage through high resistant faults such as environment or even rodents.

Wireless Intrusion Systems

Wireless systems include devices that connect to the main panel through radio waves.  They are very easy to install and are as efficient as their wired counterparts. Domestic and small area use is advantageous when it comes to wireless intrusion systesm. Not at all labour intensive and easy to manage. Only battery needs to be changed every 2-5 years depending on the use.

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