Kerala Lottery: One of the Most Popular Lotteries in India

Kerala Lottery: One of the Most Popular Lotteries in India

Kerala Lotteries

Kerala is the most famous city for the lottery because it has a big hand in bringing the lottery to India. All private lotteries were banned in 1967, and the Kerala State Lotteries were established. They have started their own Kerala lottery system. The state's then-Finance Minister, "P. K. Kunju Sahib," was the driving force for the creation of the new department. The program's initial goals were to provide people with work and boost government finances while causing minimal disruption to the public.

Further, the department became a role model for other states as well. Many other states quickly followed suit, launching their own lotteries. And like Kerala, gradually it started becoming famous in other states too.

The department today has around 500 staff, 14 district offices, and a Regional Deputy Directorate in Ernakulam under its Directorate in Thiruvananthapuram. Previously the department was under the Department of Finance and was later moved to the Department of Taxes.

However, there are lots of incidents that make the Kerala lottery most popular in India. In recent news, a migrant worker from West Bengal has an unexpected fairy tale twist in his daily life. He bought a lottery ticket in the Kerala lottery worth 100 INR afterward; that ticket won him lakhs in a few minutes. 

The Kerala government is reliant on this industry for the great ROI because everyone will buy a ticket which helps to generate more revenue. 

The jackpot is not for many people, it's a kind of limited edition. However, there are also lots of bumper prizes to keep lottery lovers coming back for more. The government has almost 40,000 authorized workers who sell lottery tickets. Kollam and Thiruvananthapuram have the maximum number of users. Different types of lotteries are drawn from time to time in Kerala. Two are the most famous Bumper and weekly.

Bumper- This usually takes place during the festival season Onam, Vishu, and Christma. 

Weekly- This lottery system takes place throughout the week and provides hefty prize distribution.  

All the random numbers of the lottery tickets are based on the lucky draw. However, the amount of the prize depends on ticket position.

How to Check Kerala Lottery Result?

At the end of the week, the Kerala lottery draws a weekly lottery at 3 pm. On the same day, at 4:30 p.m., the lottery department posted the lottery draw results in a pdf file on the official website of Kerala lotteries.

The file provides the daily prize winners and different gifts, and vouchers. The Kerala Government Gazette also publishes the Kerala lottery results. The lottery ticket must be verified within 30 days of the draw date, and the winning numbers must match the results published in the Gazette.

But what about those who don’t have time to travel to Kerala and take a chance in the lottery. Don’t worry, all the lottery lovers have online options. You can enjoy your lottery, from the comfort of your home. You just need a reliable internet connection, and a supportable device like a mobile or laptop to play the online lottery. Trusted online payment method to deposit and withdraw money and a reliable online lottery website. So without further ado, let's jump into some legit websites for the lottery. 


Lotto247 is a trustworthy lottery website that has been in operation since 2004. It has a one-of-a-kind welcome bonus, Indian-friendly payment methods, and an English/Hindi website. And there are 17 different lotteries to choose from. Tickets are reasonably priced, and dedicated gamers can expect promotional offers from time to time via e-mail. The customer service is excellent. And there are also lots of things to enjoy, as there are numerous casino games to choose from.


For syndicate betting, Lottify is the way to go. It is supported by all ten of their lotteries, and there is also a special fund betting option on the site. Ticket fees are low, and you can easily save up to 30% by purchasing numerous tickets or subscribing to a draw. There is also a good assortment of casino games available.

Lotto Agent

Lotto Agent is one of the most cost-effective online lottery agents, with low entry costs and substantial savings for multiple entries and subscriptions. Lotto Agent is a close candidate for the #1 position due to its pricing, support for the world's most popular lottery games, secure and easy-to-use software, and excellent customer care.

Furthermore, all financial transactions with this company are PCI compliant, which is the same that banks follow. LottoAgent is also inexpensive, with low costs. The drawback is that there aren't many games, and there are no scratchcards or raffles.


Always gamble sensibly and never take on more risk than you can bear. Kerala lottery is never recommended to play with money you don't have, whether it's on a credit card or borrowed from friends and relatives. It's supposed to be an enjoyable thing, but if you can't afford it, you should avoid gambling.

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