Let Your Home Speak for You!

Let Your Home Speak for You!

Give your home a mixed touch, displaying the old and new, expensive and inexpensive, odd and common, light and dark; nevertheless, keeping the decorative index high without making the decor and extra elements to look bizarre and outlandish

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Let Your Home Speak for You!

Home- The nicest word we all love to hear. Well, it is not just a word that soothes us to the core, but a feeling of belonging, safety, and warmth it brings along. We all want to own a home but not all are lucky enough to have one.

A home is a place where we look forward to reaching every day and can bank upon to seek that much-needed comfort. It does not matter how much we roam around the world, there is no other place that can replace the feeling of being at home.

With homes playing a significant role in our lives, the way we look at them has changed over time. Gone are the days when investing time and money in creating the desired look of homes was considered a pompous task. In the present era, we all look forward to having perfect homes that describe our lifestyle well.

From increased demand for interior professionals to being the interior designer ourselves, we all like to have homes that speak for us.

If you are looking forward to creating a home design that speaks for you, then this article is all you need.

So, let’s drum roll!

#1 The Room Color makes you feel the Ambiance

Let Your Home Speak for You!

Painting a room definitely changes its look and makes a big difference! Many expensive paints are available, and many are inexpensive, but it hardly makes a difference in the appearance and the feel it gives.

“Color changes the overall feel of a room.”

It is recommended to make a wise color choice when you plan to build a new house or renovate the previous one as per the modern time. Adding a bold color would well suit a big and spacious room where one can add many pieces of decorative elements.

Let Your Home Speak for You!

Small rooms, on the other hand, can live up more to space by coloring them via descent and light-toned paint options.

Thus whether it’s a two or four-bedroom house, an apartment or a villa, a duplex or a single floor accommodation, the interior, and exterior colors done on the house walls would say it all for you.

#2 Moldings Enhance the level of House Beauty

Many people would find the artwork and moldings done on the wall to be of no use and may seem gaudy to some. However, adding some architecture to the ceilings, baseboard, chair rail, etc. makes the bare walls look prettier.

Let Your Home Speak for You!

Moldings, especially the Victorian style, helps to magnify the beauty of paintings when covered as the boundary of the art pieces. There are many designs available; one can choose to get these done as per space and area to be decorated.

#3 Mixed Patterns and Textures Display Who You Are

Give your home a mixed touch, displaying the old and new, expensive and inexpensive, odd and common, light and dark; nevertheless, keeping the decorative index high without making the decor and extra elements to look bizarre and outlandish.

Let Your Home Speak for You!

Let you hardly designed house portray your personality and style!

Your grandmother’s antique wall-clock speaks many things of the past, the modern couch predicts the story of the present, hand-paintings hung on the walls shows the hard work of the maker and glass paintings in each room shows the smart work that is in trend.

Be it furniture, rugs, pillows, paints, decor items or whatever, the mix and match of old and new, past and present can co-exist beautifully, bringing warmth and texture to your living space.

Let Your Home Speak for You!

The modern age world is spinning too fast, giving people access to buy commodities online in an easy and hassle-free manner. You can also rent furniture, get items on installments, purchase many decorative accessories online and avail the benefits at instant disposal.

#4 Accessories Act as Great Home Charmers

Home decor accessories may include books, magazines, fragranced candles, vases, reed diffusers, flowers, mirrors, and much more. Whether small or big, these items add a positive aura to the house and make it a ‘Home.’

Let Your Home Speak for You!

It’s good to display these according to the space available, but not necessary to display all even when you run out of space. Your house, its interior as well as its interior showcases ‘You’, so one must put heed towards its look and maintenance to make it a worthy place to live.

One can take a look here to buy some affordable home accessories online

#5 The Green Environment gives a Lively Touch

Let Your Home Speak for You!

Its rightly said, 

‘Being near nature keeps you more happy and healthy and also puts a huge impact on your mood and longevity.’

People who have plants and gardens can well relate, and those who have a scarcity of greenery in their surroundings must allot a separate space for planting. Go green with your living space and spread a nature-loving aura all around the place to give your neighbors and guests an optimistic feeling to spread the same.

Flowers and plants add color and texture to your residence and can be used to beautify the place wherever placed. They can be kept in rooms, kitchen, and even bathrooms to escalate their aroma everywhere, thus, cleaning the household air, and balancing the humidity.

[Herbs, shrubs, and plants are known for the removal of harmful gases by absorbing the pollutants, giving back the purified air.]

Let Your Home Speak for You!

#6 Area Rugs Add Warmth to your Home

Rugs and fabrics add great texture and warmth to a place and act as a symbol of sophistication. No matter if you have a small area or huge space, patterned fabrics and colored rugs pleases the sight.

Let Your Home Speak for You!

Cozy, furry, and stylish carpets give a luxurious touch to the home and is a good way to acquire praises from friends, relatives, and other arriving guests. Also, they are known to add fun and functionality to your living space, thus, serving different purposes.

You can get an enormous variety in floorcloths and rugs, giving a distinct feeling in every season. Yes, you can also change your area rugs as per the annual seasons, prefer light tones for the winters and bright and gaudy for the summers and rests.

Final Considerations

These are a few ways by which you can let your house speak for you where it would be portraying the actual person in you. The above-mentioned decoration tips are easy to embed, which mostly includes affordable decorative items and elements to modify the inner and outer revelation of your accommodation.

If you think there is a mandatory piece to display which we missed to pen down, do let us know in the comments section. We always welcome suggestions that add value to our knowledge base and help our readers gain more; we work closely on them.

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