Debunks Myths of Moving Insurance that Everyone Must Know About Debunks Myths of Moving Insurance that Everyone Must Know About

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Moving insurance can be a savior for all the relocators who are relocating with entire household goods to a distant location. But, a few common myths related to transit insurance for home shifting services in India is very common. has debunked all these moving insurance myths for you all. Let’s talk about those popular myths and realities of moving insurance.

Home relocations can be challenging and risky too as there are chances of getting goods damaged during transition. To contend with this, people book packers and movers services in Delhi, Mumbai, and other Indian cities. And they cover their goods against damages through transit insurance.

But, how do they do this? Does the customer ask for the transit insurance or it is the moving company that imposes the policy itself without the consent of the consumer?

Before buying moving insurance, you will want to know everything related to insurance policies available in the market and how it works.

Well, there are many misconceptions about moving insurance and how it works. And, these myths are so popular that almost everyone believes them. As a result, customers and movers get into a dispute, which eventually ends up in court. To avoid this situation, you must know what goods transit insurance covers in reality and what is completely a myth.

Myths of Transit or Moving Insurance and Their Realities

Here is the list of the popular myths related to moving insurance and the realities behind them.

Insurance covers all the items

One of the most common myths about transit insurance is that it will cover each of your household items. You will have to understand that every moving company in India has its terms and conditions for moving insurance. They cannot cover all the goods until you are transporting really expensive things.

It will be automatically included

I don’t say it wouldn’t, but this thing is done by mostly fraudulent movers and packers in India. They somehow want to extract money from customers by deceit. The reliable home packers and movers in India will suggest you buy transit insurance. Also, they will let you know what items the insurance will cover.

So, the truth is that without your permission no good and credible transport companies can include transit insurance. Discuss with your movers if they are insuring your move or not. If yes, then ask clearly what will be covered and what not be before signing the policy.

No option for insurance coverage when moving by yourself

Some people opt for a DIY move. During the process, a person packs and transports the goods on his own. He simply rents a truck or tempo from a nearby transport company. The company provides a truck along with a trained driver on a rental charge per hour or day basis. But, most people think they won’t get insurance coverage if they are moving the goods by themselves. However, this is completely a myth.

A few household goods carriers (movers) in India provide transit insurance to DIY movers as well. You can rent a truck from such a moving company that provides insurance coverage. Or, consult an insurance company to know about the arrangements they can make for your move.

Moving insurance will cover the items packed by you

When you hire complete door-to-door shifting services from a reliable goods transport company in India, then you don’t have to pack your belongings. Yet, some people pack a few items to reduce packers and movers charges. And, they think movers will cover the goods that items the relocator has packed by himself.

You should know that insurance policies for goods transportation tend to cover the goods packed by the packers and movers only. They won’t cover the goods you have packed. You may not be able to file for claims of the broken goods that were packed by you unless you have bought enhanced insurance for your goods. 

Discuss the terms and conditions of the insurance policy with your movers before deciding to pack your belongings by yourself. Ask, if you will get involved in the packing process and still have the coverage.

No need to buy transit insurance when moving with a reputable moving company

Indeed, professional packers and movers help you transport your belongings safely from one place to another.  They also take all the precautionary measures to ensure the safe delivery of the goods. But, this doesn’t eradicate the possibility of accidents and other natural disasters. No matter how safely packers have packed your belongings, the unexpected can and often does happen. To escape from this situation and cover all the damages, you will have to buy transit insurance even if you have hired reputable and highly experienced movers and packers.

You can claim anytime for the damages that occurred during transportation

Being in the industry for 16+ years, we have seen people doing this major mistake just because of the common misconception they have about transit insurance. They think they can file claims for damages whenever they want to. In reality, it’s not possible.

A transit insurance policy is a short-term policy. This starts with the date when your mover takes the consignment along with them and is valid till a few days after the arrival of the goods at the intended destination. However, most people don’t understand the importance of insurance policies. Or, some don’t read the terms and conditions of moving insurance carefully.

Most people leave the boxes packed for several days. After unpacking the goods, they see broken items leaving them helpless. Some start filing for claims, which is just not possible after the claim period gets ended. So, it’s advisable to inspect the goods just after the movers deliver the consignment.

You can claim the full amount

Movers and packers will pay the standard compensatory amount which would be around 1-2% of the cost of the broken goods. You cannot claim the full amount if you haven’t purchased the enhanced insurance for goods. Even in that case, you will have to show the movers that the repair replacement cost of the goods is not less than the insurance you have purchased.

Moving insurance is expensive

Most people ignore buying transit insurance during a household move in India irrespective of the complexity the move involves. They consider it costly without knowing how much transit insurance costs. A removal company in India will charge 3% of the total coverage costs.

For ex- You are transporting your household goods worth Rs. 15,00,000 from Delhi to Pune. If movers have covered the goods worth Rs. 10 lakh, then the cost of transit insurance will only cost 3% of the covered goods i.e. Rs. 9,000. This amount will be added to the final price you will pay to your moving agent. This might seems expensive to you. But this is definitely not more expensive than facing a loss of the 10 lakhs valued goods.

Taking everything into account recommends everyone do their own research before buying moving insurance to not get trapped by any myths associated with transit insurance. Always consider hiring a reliable packers and movers company for your move. And, discuss everything related to insurance coverage before hiring.

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