New life infused in tourism in Udaipur

New life infused in tourism in Udaipur

The tourism industry in Udaipur has begun to enjoy the buzz as vaccination and lifting of night curfew has brought in new hopes and tourists are again flocking the city.
New life infused in tourism in Udaipur

-Udaipur is getting back its winter season look with tourists visiting the city bringing in new hopes for business. 

-Hotels are also booked to the extent of 70 percent.

“Hope is what keeps us alive”. The pandemic era created too much of negative environment for the business world. From the smallest vendor to the bigger industries, every area suffered for almost a year. The year 2020 resulted in losses of every kind-life, business, jobs and also hope to a great extent. But they say hope keeps a man going, and hope is what has kept us all in place.

Vaccination against covid created new hopes for the entire world. The only thought that was troubling the masses was the night curfew which was restricting life to a great extent and public wanted a good breathing time. The night curfew was also restricting businesses and tourism industry was the most affected one for obvious reasons. With the lifting of night curfew, a new hope has brought the smiles back on the face of Udaipur tourism.

The tourist spots in Udaipur are once again abuzz, with Indian tourists of course. Tourists from Gujarat, Maharashtra, Bengal, Haryana, Delhi and Madhya Pradesh are enjoying the beauty and serenity of Lake City. A new life has been infused in the tourism industry and it has been reported that hotel occupancy has gone high after the lifting of night curfew.

The hotels in the inner city area have 40 percent occupancy and those in the outer city have 70 percent occupancy. Basically the hotel industry is now flashing real smiles. Vaccination has actually encouraged travel and the fear of covid is now almost gone from the hearts of people. The handicraft industry is also enjoying as tourists are sending in enquiries either online or through phone calls. It is being expected that handicraft sale will also go up the graph as tourists are attracted to variety products and paintings made in Udaipur. As per information received, 23rd and 24th January saw the maximum number of tourists and the forest department has benefitted a great deal.

Traffic jams were also experienced in various areas with tourists moving from one corner of the city to the other, basically giving back the "tourist season" look.

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