Now 24×7 Access to Theatres and Shopping Malls

Now 24×7 Access to Theatres and Shopping Malls

retail businesses to be open 24x7


Now 24×7 Access to Theatres and Shopping Malls

Approval of the Model Shops Bill 2016 by the Cabinet on Wednesday will now allow retail businesses to be open 24×7 and to define working hours at their convenience.

Model Shops and Establishment (Regulation of Employment and Condition of Services) Bill 2016 has seen the light of the day after approval from the Caibnet.  A Model Law does not require approval in the Parliament.

States across India can implement the Model Bill by amending the provisions as per their requirement.

What it envisages:

  • Malls, Theatres, Retail establishments employing 10 or more people can stay open 24×7
  • Exemption to highly skilled professionals from daily working hours and weekly working hours
  • Bring in uniformity in legislative provisions
  • Women may be allowed to work in late shifts provided mandatory provisions are made (Cab, facilities, etc)
  • Law covers all premises (batting factories) – viz. banking, printing, insurance, brokerage, theatres, shopping malls
  • Make retail markets more vivacious and more competitive with online e-commerce stores
  • Provision for additional 5 paid holidays in addition to National Holiday
  • Creation of additional jobs in the retail sector
Model Bill will act as a guideline for States to implement the Law as per their considerations, once open to discussions. Source: Media Reports

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