Opposition to Taxes levied on Hotel bookings in Udaipur

Opposition to Taxes levied on Hotel bookings in Udaipur

The hoteliers are not in favour of taxes levied on rooms with tariff of 3000 and above.
Opposition to Taxes levied on Hotel bookings in Udaipur

-The hotel industry is already suffering losses in the pandemic era.

-The hoteliers are of the opinion that levying taxes is synonymous with closing down the hotels.

The legal committee of Municipal Corporation, in a meeting on Thursday, discussed certain  bye-laws as per which taxes are to be levied on hotel room bookings with a tariff of rupees 3000 and beyond. The bye-laws say that 500 rupees on room of 10,000/-, 300 rupees on room tariff of 5000/- and 200 rupees with room tariff of 3000/- will be levied as taxes on the guests. An approval will be taken in the forthcoming meeting.

The hotel industry in Udaipur is quite perturbed with this information and has joined hands in protest of these bye-laws. The hotel industry is already going through a troublesome phase in the pandemic era and the taxes would add to the financial crunch which is similar to closing down the hotels, as per the unanimous opinion of the people in hotel business.

The representative committee of Hotel Association appealed to Mayor GS Tank and Commissioner Himmat Singh Barhath to refrain from levying these taxes on the guests in hotels. These taxes would impact the tourism industry directly and since this is a chain reaction it would affect other businesses, too.

It has also been pointed out that these taxes would have a negative effect on the hotels falling in the medium range and this would certainly affect the middle class people who would be required to pay additional amount per day. It may also be noted that there are a lot of Indian tourists in Udaipur these days which brought a cheer to the hotel industry and most of them prefer the medium range hotels.

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