The different uses of flowers

The different uses of flowers

with flowers being present everywhere, it is no wonder that they are used in a number of ways. Let’s check out a few uses of flowers:

The different uses of flowers

Flowers can be said to be present in almost every part of the world, except of course the part where no life can survive! Hence, with flowers being present everywhere, it is no wonder that they are used in a number of ways. Let’s check out a few uses of flowers:

As a present or gift:

This is the most common use of flowers. Whether it is someone’s birthday or anniversary, one thing is sure – the person or the couple will get at least a few online birthday flowers delivery in Mumbai or bouquets from their loved ones on the happy occasion! Flowers are given as gifts for a number of other occasions such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Siblings’ Day, Friendship Day, etc. In fact, one of the most popular celebrations in college is the Rose Day. Youngsters look forward to this day to exchange or gift roses to each other. Different colors of roses convey different meanings and the anticipation of who will give them what color of roses is often fun, but can also be a serious anxiety!

As decoration:

Decoration for a marriage is never complete without flowers. The mandap without flowers is unthinkable! The homes of the bride and groom, the marriage hall, the entire outer area and even the car in which the groom and bride go home after the ceremony are covered in plenty of flowers. Flowers are used as decoration for almost every occasion across different cultures.

The different uses of flowers

In rituals:

Flowers are commonly used in a lot of rituals whether Hindu, Muslim, Christian or any other religion. Especially in India, flowers are an important part of every puja, happy or sad occasion and temple visits. In almost every religion across the world, it is a tradition to bid adieu to a departed soul with flowers.

In clothes, accessories and jewelry:

Everyone from our favorite celebrities to fashionistas  have enthralled us with dresses made of flowers. And why not? Flowers lend a sensuous look and add charm to one’s appearance. Just thinking about wearing such a dress would fill you with a certain excitement. The very idea of wearing brings a smile to every woman’s face! Flowers have been worn as hair accessories since time immortal. And what’s more? Flowers as hair accessories have never been outdated and remain classic due to their unique charm and elegance. Whether as a gajra or tiara, depends on the culture and individual choice. And who can forget the dainty and beautiful flower jewelry. Brides love to adorn themselves with floral jewelry these days, especially on the auspicious occasion of their Mehndi or Haldi!

These are just some of the most common uses of flowers. With so many different variety of flowers available, you choose your favorite flowers and use them the way you like! Not just variety, the process of buying flowers has become so much easier these days with online shopping of flowers! A few clicks is all you need to order your favorite flowers!

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