The pandemic effect on the old-city restaurants of Udaipur

The pandemic effect on the old-city restaurants of Udaipur 

The restaurants that used to cater to the needs of foreign tourists are almost closed due to the pandemic.
The pandemic effect on the old-city restaurants of Udaipur
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As per the restaurant organisers, Indian food has made its way on the top in the menu.

Italian and Chinese menus have almost gone off the list.

Udaipur is not just a beautiful city to live in, but the cuisines that it provides have been widely loved by both the domestic and international tourists. The restaurants in the old city area have been catering to all kinds of food lovers; whether it be the love for Indian food, Chinese food or Italian food. But the pandemic has suddenly brought the restaurant business to a devastating halt.

There are almost 300 restaurants in the old city or the walled city area. Reports show that almost 250 of these restaurants were forced to close down as there were no tourists to feed and this resulted in a drastic fall in the income and employment of lots of people in this business.

Most of the restaurants that are operating somehow had to reduce their staff strength by 50 percent as there were no means to pay the employees, or the salaries have been cut down to some extent. These old city restaurants were surviving on the basis of foreign tourists and were fulfilling the demands for all kinds of delicacies, where mostly the Italian and the Chinese menu were in demand by the international tourists.

The scene now is that the restaurants have removed all other varieties but kept and increased only the Indian food on the menu. Initially the foreign tourists used to visit these lake side restaurants and fetched a good income for the restaurants. The tables used to be booked in advance and it was sometimes difficult for a walk-in to find a place for himself. Since there are no more foreign tourists, the tables are easily available and of course, the Indian tourists are the only ones coming to these places. The cooks employed for Italian and Chinese cuisine have gone down in numbers. More of Indian food is in demand which is also being supplied on online requests. A restaurant manager also informed that a guest relation manager had to be employed to cater to the needs of the domestic tourists as the entire menu has undergone a change.

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