Things to remember while renting a PG accommodation in Chennai

Things to remember while renting a PG accommodation in Chennai

Things to remember while renting a PG accommodation in Chennai

Chennai is the capital city of Tamil Nadu and a lot of people migrate to this portion of South India. This is a home to some of the big textile and manufacturing industries and is a host to many educational institutions as well. Chennai generates the fifth-largest economic output for India, and as this statistic itself suggests, the city has a high-powered professional set-up that attracts a large number of working professionals apart from students.

One of their major concerns, when they migrate to Chennai, is about where to live and how to find good accommodation, well suited to their needs. Most people incline towards renting a PG in Chennai because of the advantages it offers in comparison to an individual apartment. A managed accommodation is a great option for shared living and a definite upgrade on the local PGs that consumers had to depend on. Providers like Stanza Living have some amazing properties in Chennai, which are well suited for the millennials. The way they are constructed and the amenities they offer are an absolute advantage in terms of the rent they charge. The entire place is professionally operated and adaptable to the needs of the youth.

So, if you are just beginning your hunt for a great PG in Chennai, here are a few things you should keep in mind:


This must be a great concern for you and your parents since you are no longer going to have the familiar home-cooked food and it’s difficult to manage without the same. Concerns like hygiene, taste, nutrition rate, etc boggle our minds and may leave us worrying about the same. Though some of the best PGs in Chennai provide food, and the cost is included in the rent itself, many people might end up eating out because it’s not what you’d like to have or it may not match your taste buds. Here in such cases, a person should opt for managed accommodation providers where choicest. healthy food is cooked in hygienic conditions. They also have an adaptable menu that factors in your feedback.

2. Security

Security is another very important feature to be taken into consideration, Traditional PGs do not have 24/7 security guards at the premises, or even equipped with CCTV cameras. Branded managed accommodation providers consider your security as their primary duty and all of their accommodations are well equipped with the necessary requirements – biometric access, CCTV monitoring, and guards in order to provide you the safest living experience possible. So before finalizing your accommodation, you should talk about the same in advance with the landlord.

3. Budget-friendly

Don’t just settle upon the first house you see. It is advisable to roam around and see a few options and you might get a better deal with better amenities. Plan your budget in advance and make sure to stick to that when you search for a PG in Chennai. It doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on your needs, but it also doesn’t mean that you go overboard without realizing the potential monthly expenses that can rack-up in a place. Make a list of PGs that you find suitable, and check for a great deal that can cover your costs.

4 Basic Amenities

Basic amenities like a bed with mattresses, power backup, etc are necessary for survival. So, do check the things referenced in the agreement and ensure they are provided to you. Check about things like meals, housekeeping, power charges, water charges, power back-up, etc are included in the rent or not as sourcing any extra amenity can add to your time and cost.

5. Rules and regulations

Different PGs in Chennai have multiple guidelines. You may accept a few, however, some probably won't go by your lifestyle or your calendar. For example, numerous PGs in Chennai have the provision of curfews while numerous other PGs in Chennai have no time limitations. They likewise may have distinct visitor policies that you might or might not appreciate. So, before finalizing your PG in Chennai make sure you check all rules and regulations in advance, so you don’t feel like you have to compromise on your lifestyle needs.

These are some of the things that one should keep in mind while renting a PG in Chennai.

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