Tour operators suffer losses-Money stuck with hotels and airlines

Tour operators suffer losses-Money stuck with hotels and airlines

The tour operators are worried about their EMIs and salaries of the drivers.
Tour operators suffer losses-Money stuck with hotels and airlines
Unemployment is the biggest fear as tourism has come to a halt.

The lockdown has created trouble for many, especially for those who have been depending on the hospitality industry. Since tourism in India has come to a halt, many a tour operators are under the fear of unemployment. The tour operators have no clue as to how thier EMIs will be paid, how the drivers will get their salaries, and on what basis will the families survive!!

As per the taxi operators union, they have suffered a loss of almost 10 crore rupees. There are almost 1300 taxies and 1600 taxi drivers. Because of the lockdown, it is now almost impossible for them to pay the EMIs of the vehicles, salaries of the drivers and the maintainance of the vehicle is of course yet another issue. 

The tour operators' money is stuck with the hotels and airlines. They have suffered losses as the domestic and international groups got cancelled and their clients are demanding a refund. As per the Udaipur Guide Association, they have suffered a loss of more than 1 crore rupees. There are 650 tourist guides in Udaipur city. The guiding work goes on for around 9 months in a year. The guides are completely dependant on tourists for their earnings. Since the guiding work comes under self-employment, they do not get any aid from the government. The union has put forward its demand that government aid must be provided to the guides as well. 

Some of the taxi drivers have even stated that if the lockdown period is extended, they might end up in tight corners and might have to return to their village as they do not have enough finances to take care of their families. 

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