30 percent jump in business and average daily turnover of Rs 70 Crore - Udaipur Unlocks

30 percent jump in business and average daily turnover of Rs 70 Crore - Udaipur Unlocks

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Rs 250 Crore business in last three days of Unlock 2

Udaipur business has come back with a bang. After the release of lockdown to evening hours on 8 June, business across sectors has shown a rapid increase, laying to rest the apprehensions of the traders. Economic activitiy is increasing at a fast pace in Udaipur. According to a member of Udaipur Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the first week of lockdown release witnessed a sale of Rs 40 Crore (recorded numbers).

Eventually as the operation time of the markets increased it proved to be extremely beneficial to trading and other enterprises of Udaipur. Many other businesses, in addition to retail, saw a 30 percent boost in sales. Businesses in Udaipur are witnessing an average daily turnover of Rs. 70 Crores. A total of Rs. 250 crores sales were made in the last three days. Businesses in Udaipur, on a typical day, records sales of Rs.100 crores.

The businesses that have witnessed an increase in sales are:

  • Electronics: increased by 65 percent to Rs. 10 Cr. Air conditioners and coolers being the most popular in demand products.
  • Wholesale businesses recorded more than Rs. 200 crores sales in just three days.
  • Garments and Readymade increased by Rs. 12 lakhs. 200 Readymade outlets recorded sales of Rs. 10-12 lakhs.
  • Udaipur's hotel industry has witnessed a small rise in business too, with an increase of 10-15 percent.
  • Sales of footwear increased by 70%, totaling to Rs. 2 crores.

After Unlock 2, businessmen expect sales to climb swiftly and stability will soon be achieved.

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