Ways to delight an employee on their birthday

Ways to delight an employee on their birthday

Your office life could be better if your colleagues are your friends. You can be better friends by being considerate to each other. One best way to show your consideration is remembering their birthdays and celebrating the day together in the office.

Ways to delight an employee on their birthday

We spend a considerable amount of time at our office, the people at the office are no less than a second family of ours. We see each other every day, work together, and complete the deadlines together. It’s indeed a work-driven bond but who says it couldn’t be a more cordial one? Your office life could be better if your colleagues are your friends. You can be better friends by being considerate to each other. One best way to show your consideration is remembering their birthdays and celebrating the day together in the office.

Also, most people forget or neglect this day, so celebrating the birthday will help your colleague to feel more lively and happy. Here are some ideas to celebrate their birthday:

A Surprise at the Office

Don’t let your colleague know that you remember about their birthday. Don’t text them at midnight; give the impression that you forgot their birthday.  They will be disheartened in the beginning, but a lovely surprise at the office will fill them with awe. You can decorate their cabin or the desk with some beautiful balloons and ribbons. Bring their favourite cake and celebrate their special birthday with all the coworkers.

A Birthday Party at the Office

Who wouldn’t love a party on their birthday? A party at the office is a great idea. The ideal place for it could be the office cafeteria. It’s spacious and therefore, can accommodate many people. You decorate the cafeteria as well, but it’s optional. In a professional setting, not everyone would prefer such extravaganza in the common area of the office.

It is hard to figure time to organise a party like this. Instead of walking to the market and doing things manually, take help from the internet. It will make it easier for you to organise this party without putting much effort. For example, you may order the cake online via services like India Cakes. The cake will be delivered at the doorstep of your office in a simple click of a button.

You can also ask your other colleagues to chip in some money and purchase snacks for everybody.  This party won’t only make one person happy, but will also allow others to have a great time. It will be a day opposite to what every other day at the office looks like. It will be an excellent opportunity to socialise and have a good time with all the employees.

Make them the centre of attraction

Birthdays are the perfect occasion to acknowledge the contributions of the employees at the office. There are multiple ways of doing the same. First of all, every employee at the office must know what occasion it is. It shows how the company promotes a friendly workspace where all the employees are given recognition and importance. Instead of a usual birthday card from Archies, write a note on behalf of the entire team. Write a personalised message, and it will surely brighten up their day.

Social media platforms can also be used to congratulate the colleague on their birthday. You can create a thoughtful post on facebook or twitter. Highlight their qualities, appreciate their achievements, and mention how significant their presence for the company is. It will give a great sense of contentment to the employee and also, help heighten the image (impression) of the company.

A day to relax

This idea can only work out on the boss’ will. Not everyone wishes to come to the office on their birthday; some want to sit back at home, relax and spend some good time with their family. The boss can give the employee a day off to rejuvenate themselves. Offering a day for themselves would be a thing they would appreciate.

However, please don’t force them to take a day off. Some people are fond of their work; for them, work is leisure. For people falling in this category, instead of a day off, could you give them a birthday present?

As a coworker, you can offer your colleague to share the workload of the day and help them leave early and enjoy their plans for the evening.

A Gift to Remember

It is always delightful to get presents for your birthday. You can gift your colleague something that they will cherish for a long time. It could be personalised merchandise or a product that they can use. If you fail to figure out an appropriate gift for them, purchase a gift voucher that is redeemable throughout the year.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Don’t force anyone

Since the party is taking place in an office, you cannot expect everyone to be free enough to join the celebrations. It would be best if you do not force anyone as they might be stuck up with some work.

  • Invite everybody

Even if one cannot make it to the party, invite all the people who are part of the organisation.

  • Don’t go too wild

Remember it’s an office, a professional setting. You cannot be too loud at the celebrations. Keep it subtle and simple while maintaining the decorum.

No matter how old you get, birthday is always something people look forward to. If your little efforts can make someone at your office feel ecstatic, then it is worth the pain. We hope these ideas help you with catering to your purpose!

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