All You Need to Know About AnyROR and Bhulekh Khatauni: The Complete Guide

All You Need to Know About AnyROR and Bhulekh Khatauni: The Complete Guide

Know all About Digital Land Records Data and Information in Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat

In today's digital era, various government services are being transformed to make them more accessible, efficient, and transparent. One such transformation is the digitization of land records. AnyROR and Bhulekh Khatauni are two platforms that have revolutionized the way people can access land records in certain states of India. In this article, we will delve into the details of AnyROR and Bhulekh Khatauni, understanding their features, benefits, and how to access and utilize them efficiently.

Understanding AnyROR

AnyROR is an online platform that provides citizens easy access to land records in Gujarat. This initiative by the Revenue Department of Gujarat allows individuals to access property details, ownership records, and other related information conveniently. AnyROR is designed to enhance transparency and eliminate the need to visit government offices for land record inquiries.

Features of AnyROR

AnyROR offers a range of features that make it a valuable resource for property owners and potential buyers. Some of its key features include:

  1. Property Ownership Records: AnyROR enables users to access accurate and up-to-date property ownership records. This helps in verifying the rightful ownership of a property and avoiding fraudulent transactions.
  2. Property Survey Number: Users can find the survey number of a particular property through AnyROR. This information is essential for property identification and demarcation purposes.
  3. Mutation Register Entry: AnyROR allows individuals to view the mutation register entry for a specific property. The mutation register provides details about any changes that have taken place in land ownership or property boundaries.
  4. 7/12 Extract: The 7/12 extract is an important document that reflects the land ownership and cultivation details. AnyROR provides easy access to this extract, simplifying the process of verifying land records.

Unveiling Bhulekh Khatauni

Bhulekh Khatauni is a similar digital land record platform that operates in Uttar Pradesh. It is an initiative by the Revenue Department of Uttar Pradesh and aims to streamline land record processes and ensure easy access to records for citizens.

Features of Bhulekh Khatauni

Bhulekh Khatauni offers several features that simplify land record inquiries in Uttar Pradesh. Some noteworthy features include:

  1. Khatauni Number: Users can generate the Khatauni number for a specific property through Bhulekh Khatauni. This number serves as a unique identifier for land records related to a particular property.
  2. Bhulekh Data: Bhulekh Khatauni provides access to Bhulekh data, which includes information about land ownership, cultivation details, and revenue records. This data is essential when making property-related decisions or conducting due diligence.
  3. Digitized Maps: Bhulekh Khatauni incorporates digitized maps that offer a visual representation of land boundaries and demarcations. This helps in better understanding the geographical layout of a property.


AnyROR and Bhulekh Khatauni are game-changers in the realm of land records digitization. These platforms offer easy access to land records, ensuring transparency, accuracy, and efficiency. Whether you're a property owner, buyer, or someone involved in land-related matters, utilizing AnyROR or Bhulekh Khatauni can simplify your transactions and provide peace of mind. Embrace the digital revolution and make the most of these innovative platforms!

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