Work from Home Tips - Self Isolation during the COVID-19 outbreak

Work from Home Tips - Self Isolation during the COVID-19 outbreak

As ‘adjusting’ is the new normal in the current situation, it’s quintessential to develop a flexible approach rather than doing nothing and waiting for the situation to get normal.
Work from Home Tips - Self Isolation during the COVID-19 outbreak

The COVID-19 pandemic is expanding its roots across the world and working professionals are forced to self-isolate themselves and survive in the work from the home set-up. Despite so many months have passed, many professionals are still facing issues in maintaining their productivity levels just like the way they used to do in the offices. Many professionals are hoping for the offices to get open so that they can get back to their productive office routines and give their career the pending boost.

As ‘adjusting’ is the new normal in the current situation, it’s quintessential to develop a flexible approach rather than doing nothing and waiting for the situation to get normal. By showing the right amount of dedication and making minor changes in our daily life, we can make things better for ourselves. Once you learn to spot the opportunities in challenges, you will see things from a positive perspective.

Let’s decode some top ways that will help you stay at the top of your professional game during these unpredictable situations:

Create a Dedicated Space For Work

Working in a comfortable set-up is important but that doesn't mean that you should be working while lying on the bed or sitting with your laptop in a drawing-room where a lot of distractions are there. Completing your tasks while sitting on a comfy couch or your bed might seem tempting, but this can put a lot of strain on your back or neck.

Such habits won’t accelerate your productivity levels. It is very important to dedicate an area of your house and utilize it as a workspace. It is the best way to send signals to your brains that it’s time to work. Leave that space when you are not working. Once you completed your day, leave that space and refrain yourself from checking any work-related emails to maintain your productivity levels.

Switch Places When Need A Change

There will be times when you experience downswings in your performance or creative blockages while finishing an office task. In such a case, you can consider changing your workspace set-up in different spaces of your home. If changing your workstation helps you concentrate better and unleash your creativity, you must do it without any second thoughts.

But some people are comfortable working in a dedicated space and unable to maintain their productivity when they leave their comfort zone. If you belong to the latter category, you must stick to one place only.

Dress Up Decently For Your ‘Home Workstation’

Again, working while wearing your loose pajamas or nightwear might sound cool and comfy, but it can hamper your productivity level. It’s very important to timely follow your morning rituals on time and get dressed properly for the day. We are not asking you to wear typical professional outfits like formal blazers or pants when at home.

You can simply designate some decent clothes to wear home light that you can wear and go out. Comb your hair nicely and wear presentable clothes to keep yourself on your feet and eliminate unnecessary laziness.

Write Your To-Do-List on Sticky Notes

This is the best way to streamline your tasks and double your daily productivity. Sometimes there are ongoing tasks that require daily attention and focus. Especially when you have multiple irons in the fire, you must do this without any fail. Even if you have a vague plan, it’s important to jot down your ideas and make a foolproof plan of your tasks.

It will lend a professional approach to your way of working and help you to determine what is most important and what is not. What you should prioritize today versus what you should not.

Take Proper Breaks In Between

Just because you are working from home does not mean that you should skip your meals or skip taking breaks. It is important to give time to your mind to work properly. Therefore, plan out your break timings ahead of time to keep your energy levels high. Also, avoid eating at your workspace. When you are having your meal, leave that space. Try to consume healthy meals to boost your cognitive functions and maintain your productivity levels.

Also, utilize your breaks productively. Instead of spending time on social media platforms, you can try playing skill-based games on your smartphone and give a good break to your mind. You can play a quick 10 mins online poker session or solve puzzles online to calibrate your sense. You also go for a brisk walk to ensure your physical fitness or embrace the greenery outside your window to calm your sense.

Keep Time for Yourself

Just because you are working from home, that doesn't mean that you should only dedicate time to your office tasks. It is crucial to set some boundaries and limits regarding work time and personal time. Decide what is important and prioritize accordingly. Work smartly and efficiently so that you can have more time in hands for your personal commitments.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones during this sensitive time. Don’t lose sight of your mental health and do enough physical activities to ensure physical fitness.

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