General Meeting of Reformist Dawoodi Bohra Community concludes

General Meeting of Reformist Dawoodi Bohra Community concludes

The Annual General Body Meeting of the Reformist Dawoodi Bohra group (Bohra Youth Association) concluded on 22nd January at Udaipur and was immensely successful. With a gathering of over 500 persons, both young and old as well as children, the General Body Meeting was consolidated with a day long picnic for members of the community


General Meeting of Reformist Dawoodi Bohra Community concludes

Joint Annual Gceneral Body Meeting of Dawoodi Bohra Jama’at (Regd.) and Bohra Youth Sansthan (Regd.) representing  the Reformist Dawoodi Bohras of Udaipur was held on 22nd January 2016 at a  a village resort at Gogunda to deliberate on the agenda published earlier along with the notice for the meeting.

Over 500 members with many of their children attended with enthusiasm. In addition to official business the occasion also included fun games and other recreational activities enjoyed in group picnics and  documentary films. The prayers falling due during intervals were led by Peer Ali Kharagora wala. The program was efficiently conducted by Naseem Rassawala and her associates.

Deliberations commenced with a presentation by Ghazanfer Ali Okasa, Secretary of Bohra Youth Sansthan.  Touching briefly upon the part played by the Bohra Youth Sansthan over the last half a century he brought to the notice of all present, the awareness generated among members of the main stream Dawoodi Bohras – the majority of which was so far kept in dark by the religious establishment-to understand and appreciate the genesis of the reform movement at Udaipur.  This he mentioned in the context of the present conflict going on about claim on Dai-hood when the matter is going to be decided by law courts and not the Imam of the time in seclusion.  Many among the main stream Bohras have now realized that it was time to understand the act being played by modern religious leaders.  This has resulted in many sections being dismayed due to the confusions reigning in the community and many members from far away cities and towns of Maharashtra, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh have approached Udaipur reformist  Dawoodi Bohras of Udaipur.  They have even visited Udaipur and seen the administration and observed the management of both religious and secular affairs of the community. He also informed that in their post visit comments they have opined that in their whole conduct the reformists are true to their religious and secular beliefs and the propaganda of deviation was a lie.  He appealed all present to be united and be a model for others.

Ghazanfer in the end submitted a resolution to increase the primary membership fee of Re 1/- pm to Rs 100/- pa per member and mode of its payment.  Commander Mansoor Ali Bohra seconded.  Put to votes the resolution was carried and passed by an overwhelming majority.

Commander Mansoor Ali Bohra updated all present on the status of various court cases now going on in various courts and assured members that to the best of Jama’at ability the cases will be handled efficiently and effectively.  He further highlighted the desirability of amending Jama’at and BYS constitutions based on experiences gained during last four decades.

Touching upon other issues in his address to the General Body, he said that it is a right time some youths  of the community have come forward and taken the responsibilities of community affairs in their hands.  The sacrifices that have gone into making such a small community so strong and recognized all over the world, needs concerted effort by the younger generation and the elder members need to support them whole heartedly keeping their enthusiasm in mind and ignore their minor mistakes and abrasions if any.  He informed the gathering about appreciable work done by Ghazanfer and Tauseef in advancing reform causes through social media.

General Meeting of Reformist Dawoodi Bohra Community concludes

Hibtullah Attari, Secretary of the Dawoodi Bohra Jamaat, presented annual reports – both financial as well as developmental.  He outlined the projects which the Jama’t executive committee approved for modernizing facilities in Jamaatkhana and land at Neemuch Kheda.  He appealed members to contribute their shares in these projects as before.  He also informed the audience that the revision petition filed by the main stream Dawoodi Bohra group against the local court on JamaatKhana building  at Udaipur has been dismissed by Hon. Rajasthan High Court at Jodhpur.

Taking the issue of constitutional amendments further, Hibtullah Attari elaborated the rationale and objectives of the amendments and stated that if approved he would appoint a committee who will deliberate upon this and recommend the changes. The resolution to this effect was then seconded and passed unanimously after deliberations.  Thereafter the annual budget for the next financial year was presented and approved unanimously.

The Executive body along with the present members condoled the demise of Haji Abbas Ali Kolyariwala and Hussain Udaipuri, who at the time of his death, was President of the Bohra Youth Sansthan.

The event was graced  by Abid Hussain Adib, Chairman of the Central   Board of Dawoodi Bohra Community; Abbas Ali Nath, President of Dawoodi Bohra Jamaat;  Rehana germanwala, VP, BYS other office bearers and senior members of the community.

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