Save Udaipur - Head Priest of Jagdish Mandir explains his qualms on the upcoming Neemach Mata Ropeway

Save Udaipur - Head Priest of Jagdish Mandir explains his qualms on the upcoming Neemach Mata Ropeway

Jagdish Mandir Head Priest, among the most revered in Udaipur, expressed his view on the Ropeway leading to commercial activities at the Neemach Mata Temple.

Jagdish Mandir Head Priest expresses his reservations on Neemach Mata Ropeway SAVE UDAIPUR
  • commercial activities like pre-wedding shoots will destroy the spirituality of the temple
  • excessive tourist footfall will hinder the prayers of worshippers

In the quest to raise public awareness and gather public opinion on the Neemach Mata Ropeway Project, Sohail Khan of Udaipur Times, interviewed the Head Priest of world renowned Jagdish Temple, Shri Jagdish Kumar Sharma.

When asked about his opinion on the ropeway project, the Head Priest clearly stated that the ropeway is not required on the Neemach Mata hill. He reminded that the ropeway will increase tourist footfall leading to many untoward activities, which can destroy the sanctity of the temple. He cited one such example of the pre-wedding shoots that are in fashion these days. He highlighted that such photography sessions take place in Jagdish Temple too and it hurts the religious sentiments of the worshippers.

He expressed concern on the adverse effects the ropeway will have on nature. Many trees and sections of the hill would be cut in order to construct the ropeway, which would be dangerous to nature in the long run.

When asked that the purpose of the authorities to construct this ropeway is to promote tourism, to which he replied there are definitely a lot more ways to promote tourism and that the places of worship should be left alone.

Udaipur Times will continue to publish the opinions of Udaipur residents on the NMRP to raise public awareness. We need more people to come forward to help protect the nature. Threats like climate change and deforestation are accelerating faster than ever before in history. Humanity must rise to meet that threat.

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