World Head Injury Awareness Day today

World Head Injury Awareness Day today

Importance of wearing helmet.

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World Head Injury Awareness Day today

Today 20th March is World Head Injury Awareness Day. Most of the head injuries happen during road accidents. This day signifies the importance of wearing helmet while riding a two-wheeler.

Helmet is important not just for the person driving a two-wheeler but also for the pillion rider. More so pillion riders are likely to get more injured than the one driving the vehicle. After doing a good research on patients, Neurologist Dr. Tarun Gupta and Spine surgeon Dr. Ajit Singh specified the importance of helmets. They said that helmets reduce the chances of head injury to the extent of 70 percent and increase the chances of saving life to the extent of 40 percent. They said they come across people suffering from head injuries to the extent of 30 percent. These are the people who do not wear helmets while riding a two-wheeler.

It was also specified that good quality helmet must be used while riding a two-wheeler. Out of every 10 accidents that happen, 3 people suffer because of not wearing helmet. Even the use of seat belt for four wheelers is important to safe guard the driver.

World Head Injury Awareness Day today

Head injuries are fatal. Helmets can save from the following dangerous injuries:

Forehead:  When forehead gets injured, there are chances of paralysis, speech defect and even personality disorders.

Temples:  injury on temples can result in memory loss.

Basically, head injury can result in a lot of defects in the body which may even be irreparable. So it is a wise decision to wear helmets for your own safety. Wear good quality helmets which cover your head and your face well. Do not strap it too tightly. Glass panel of the helmet should be of good quality so as to maintain clear vision.

Myths regarding helmet:

Helmets give backache and neck ache.

It becomes difficult to maintain clear vision on road after wearing helmet.

Helmets cause hair fall.

Good riders do not need helmets.

Facts regarding helmet:

Back ache or neck ache is a result of long hours of driving and wrong posture.

Helmets do not create bad vision instead they protect your eyes from direct pollution.

Hair fall has no connection with helmet. Get yourself checked if you have a problem of hair fall. In fact helmets save your hair from pollution.

Not everyone is a good rider; anyone can come and hit your vehicle.

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