Band, baja and barat-400 weddings to happen in Udaipur

Band, baja and barat-400 weddings to happen in Udaipur 

There are 5 auspicious occassions for weddings until December 2020.
Band, baja and barat-400 weddings to happen in Udaipur

-80 couples are from other cities.

-All budget gardens and community centres have been booked.

Udaipur city is about to witness 400 weddings in the coming days until the end 2020. There are 5 muhurats left this year and all small and budget gardens and hotels have been booked. No bookings have yet been received for the bigger vatikas.

It may be noted that the pandemic era has brought about a lot of restrictions pertaining to the gathering numbers. The weddings can have only 100 people and this has led to the bookings of smaller vatikas in the city. It has been reported that 80 couples are not from Udaipur and the beauty of this city has pulled them to Udaipur for their destination wedding dreams to be fulfilled.

People from Delhi, Chennai, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Bengaluru will be getting married in Udaipur. Telugu actress Niharika will be getting married on 9th December. Out of the 5 muhurats on 25th November, 30th November, 7th December, 9th December and 11th December, maximum weddings i.e. 150 weddings will take place on 25th November.

Those dealing in tent bookings, taxi services and hotels are now happy that their businesses will be getting back on tracks. It may be noted that a lot of businesses have suffered a great deal because of the pandemic. The city has 140 tent shops and all of them have received bookings for these 5 auspicious occasions. Since the weddings are going to be on small scales, the bigger vatikas have not been booked. Hotel and taxi bookings are still going on.

Maximum weddings are taking place on 25th November. All those in music and band-baja business are gearing up to provide good services. There are around 10 weddings in a day and the music and band dealers are quite pleased that they will be back in action.

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