Unwrapping the Magic of Christmas

Unwrapping the Magic of Christmas

Udaipur resonates with the spirit of Christmas...


In the heart of Nazareth, 2,000 years ago, a divine whisper echoed through the air, promising a gift beyond imagination. Mary, a humble resident of this ancient town, became the chosen vessel for a miracle that would shape the course of history.

As the celestial messenger, Angel Gabriel, revealed the celestial proclamation, the arrival of a savior named “Jesus” to Mother Mary. In the quiet corners of Nazareth, a story was born—a story that transcends time and resonates with the spirit of Christmas. 


Christmas, the joyous celebration at the close of each year, commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ—a divine embodiment of love, hope and redemption.

Udaipur resonates with the spirit of Christmas

Shepherd Memorial Church Udaipur 

Shepherd Memorial Church
Shepherd Memorial Church, CNI, Udaipur

On 24 December, the Shepherd Memorial Church opens its doors to commence the Christmas festivities. People gather at the historic Shepherd Memorial Church, nestled in the heart of Udaipur. The air is filled with joy as the community comes together to mark the beginning of Christmas. celebrations. Shepherd Memorial Church, with its deep-rooted history, continues to uphold the Christmas traditions that unite the community in faith and love. 

Shepherd Memorial Church
Shepherd Memorial Church, CNI, Udaipur

As the clock nears midnight, the sanctuary comes alive with the spirit of Christmas. The timeless story of Lord Jesus Christ's birth is conveyed in the Church. The Midnight Prayer is held on the day before Christmas, as it is believed that Jesus Christ was born at night. 

Shepherd Church, Udaipur
A Depiction Of Angel Gabriel Blessing Mother Mary the God's Child "Jesus Christ."

On 25 December, the day of Christmas, the church community joins in morning prayer, setting the tone for the day.

“A Christmas cake, fondly named "Plum Cake," takes center stage. The cake, a symbol of sweetness and joy, is shared among the church members, creating a bond of togetherness.”Father Avinash Messy of Shepherd Memorial Church, providing insights into the Cake tradition at the Church.

Beliefs and Practices

Christianity encompasses various denominations and traditions, each with its own distinct beliefs and practices. Major branches include Catholicism, Protestantism and Eastern Orthodoxy. Within these, there are numerous denominations, sects, and independent churches, resulting in a diverse spectrum of Christian beliefs and worship styles. Various cultures and traditions exhibit diverse ways of offering prayers, along with distinct customs related to food and gatherings. People of various Christian sects gather together to sing Christmas carols both on and before Christmas, celebrating the birth of Jesus.

Roman Cathedral Our Lady of Fatima Cathedral, Udaipur

"Achappam, a traditional South Indian snack, is often prepared during Christmas as part of the festive cuisine." - Anoushka Rajan, a resident of Udaipur. Its intricate, flower-like shape symbolizes the joy and beauty of the season. The preparation and sharing of special dishes like Achappam are integral to Christmas celebrations for some families. 


"During Christmas, chocolate brownies are often made and served at churches and homes and also people visit each others homes." - Shraddha Francis, a resident of Udaipur. 


He further elaborated that, in the 4th century, King Constantine played a pivotal role by officially declaring Christmas celebration in the English calendar. Prior to this, it was observed in the Jewish calendar.

The significance of the star in Christmas lore remains prominent. The Christmas star represents the special star in Bethlehem that, as told in the Bible, led three wise men—Melchior, Balthazar and Gaspar—to baby Jesus. They brought gifts of gold, incense and myrrh for the newborn. 

St. Alphonsa Church
St Alphonsa Syro Malabar Church

However, the introduction of the Christmas tree is not biblically revealed.  The tradition gained popularity when Queen Victoria started the trend of decorating Christmas trees. 

Roman Cathedral
Roman Cathedral

St. Nicholas, was a bishop, holds historical significance for Christmas. He was known for his generosity, especially in giving gifts to poor people. St. Nicholas, a fourth-century Bishop from Myra in Asia Minor (modern-day Turkey), inherited great wealth after his parents' early demise. Known for his kindness, he gained a reputation for generously aiding the less fortunate and anonymously gifting those in need.This benevolent figure laid the groundwork for the modern Santa Claus tradition. 

Christmas Celebration at Kids Rainbow The Genius Pre School, Udaipur
Shepherd Memorial
Shepherd Memorial Church, CNI



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