Experience to lead youth and achieve Congress goals in Rajasthan

Experience to lead youth and achieve Congress goals in Rajasthan

United Colours of Rajasthan - Ashok Gehlot is new Chief Minister of Rajasthan, Sachin Pilot will be the Dy Chief Minister of the desert state...

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Experience to lead youth and achieve Congress goals in Rajasthan

The top brass at the Congress party have have decided on Ashok Gehlot as the new Chief Minister of Rajasthan.  Sachin Pilot, has agreed to take the post of Deputy Chief Minister of Rajasthan.  So experience will lead energy to achieve goals in Rajasthan.  This ends the 72 hour stalement in Rajasthan.

Sources said that it was Sachin Pilot who first had a close door meeting the Rahul Gandhi and others and when he came out, he seemed to be satisfied with the discussions indoors.  When Ashok Gehlot was called next, he came out as the proposed Chief Minister of Rajasthan for the period 2018-23.  The narrow margin of victory resulted in the careful choice, keeping the 2019 Lok Sabha campaign (read Elections) in mind.

In a break from tradition, the name of the Chief Minister was announced at 4:30pm today, in the Congress HQ at New Delhi, instead of Jaipur.

Sachin Pilot, who is credited with rebuilding the Congress battalion after the loss to BJP in 2013, has reportedly traveled over 5 lac km, along the length and breadth of Rajasthan, augmenting support and vision for the Congress party.  His efforts bore fruit in the 2018 Assembly Elections in Rajasthan, however, the Congress not being able to make as big a dent in the BJP armor as was expected and envisioned from the public narrative.

However, his inexperience with leading a state or such a profile earlier, was probably the reason the Congress party preferred Ashok Gehlot, an old warhorse for the Congress and a two time Chief Minister of Rajasthan.  According to sources, internally Gehlot was the pick of the party due to his experience, influence and being a master as political strategy.  Several rounds of meetings at the Congress HQ and enumerable deliberations led to sustaining this decision.

Ashok Gehlot, who is currently the General Secretary of the Congress, is the son of a magician and was picked up by Rajiv Gandhi for the Congress.  His rise within the Congress was due to his understanding of politics, management skills, team building and ability to draw congruence within his team and the party and a fine sense of humor that makes even the diciest of discussions lead to a satisfactory end.

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Rahul Gandhi earlier tweeted a picture of him with Sachin Pilot and Ashok Gehlot with the caption “The United Colors of Rajasthan”. Experience to lead youth and achieve Congress goals in Rajasthan

Sachin, however, did keep up the fight and repeated that most of the 99 winning candidates of the Congress wanted to see him as Chief Minister.  However, the discussions that have happened over the last 48 hours, seem to have convinced him that an old and experienced leader is what the Congress needs at this hour.

Sachin, who has been a Union Minister in the Manmohan Singh government at Delhi, will possibly take on the role of second fiddle at the helm, while concentrating on getting together the troops and public support in time for the Lok Sabha elections in 2019.  This is one task he will be happy to do, as he was at the helm of affairs while rebuilding the Congress in Rajasthan, when things looked bleak at both the state and national level, in the last 5 years.

In a poll conducted by UT over the last two days, trends showed that the voters preferred Sachin over Gehlot as Chief Minister – however, politics and political strategies is not for us mere mortals and we tend to ignore certain aspects due to being unaware.

Experience to lead youth and achieve Congress goals in Rajasthan

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