Highlights from Mewar Festival Day 2 in Udaipur

Highlights from Mewar Festival Day 2 in Udaipur

Foreign Couples Shine in Rajasthani Attire Competition

Mewar Festival Day 2

Udaipur Hosts Three-Day Festival Celebrating Culture and Tradition


In Udaipur city, Mewar festival was held on April 11 and 12, jointly organized by the Tourism Department and the District Administration. The festival, held at Gangaur Ghat, featured a rich array of cultural events and competitions. Today, on April 13,2024, the festival will be held at Gogunda, located 40 km from Udaipur, with a traditional ‘Gangaur Mela’ and ‘Rural Haat Bazar.’ 


Rajasthani Attire Competition for Foreign Couples

One of the highlights of the festival was the Rajasthani attire competition for foreign couples, held on April 12. Tourists adorned in colourful traditional attire captivated the audience with their vibrant outfits. The competition added an international flavor to the festivities, showcasing the fusion of cultures.

Foreign Couples Shine in Rajasthani Attire Competition

Jonathan Spark and Jasmine Clark from New Zealand clinched the top spot in the Rajasthani attire competition for foreign couples. They were followed by Ben Kais and his mother Jennifer from Zimbabwe, securing the second position, while Miss Sona from Greece claimed the third spot. Several consolation prizes were also awarded to participants from various countries. Pako and Roja from San Francisco, William Be and Mefiki from the Netherlands, and Sarigo and Jacqueline  from Italy received the Consolation Prize. The prizes were sponsored by hotel industry institutions.

Renowned Artists Added Charm


During the cultural evening, local artists took center stage, presenting mesmerizing cultural performances against the backdrop of the scenic lake. The audience was treated to a delightful display of traditional music and dance, creating a memorable experience for all.

The cultural presentations were further enhanced by performances from renowned artists such as Langa and Manganiyar from Jaisalmer and Sahariya, adding to the charm of the evening.

Special Opportunities for Talented Children

In a commendable initiative, special opportunities were provided to children with specific talents and economically disadvantaged backgrounds. Sponsored by tourism-related institutions, these children showcased their skills and received recognition. Prizes were awarded to talented individuals in various categories, including singing, dancing, and sketch work.

Community Participation in Gangaur Procession

The festival also witnessed enthusiastic participation from various communities in the Gangaur procession, a traditional highlight of the Mewar Festival. The Rajmali community secured the first position in which they got a prize of Rs 50,000, followed by Kahar Bhoi who got Rs 25,000 and Maru Kumavat community was given Rs 15,000.

Overall, the festival served as a vibrant celebration of culture, tradition, and talent, leaving a lasting impression on both locals and tourists alike.

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