Navratri during lockdown-Online darshans by devotees

Navratri during lockdown-Online darshans by devotees

Online darshan and navratri celebration is surprising yet need of the hour. May the Goddesses bless all.
Navratri during lockdown-Online darshans by devotees
With all religious shrines closed because of covid19, bhaktgan are pleased to have online darshan. The festival must go on.

The entire nation is under a lockdown because of covid19. It is also festive time as Navratri season is going on. Whatever is now happening is quite surprising yet the present sitaution demands that people stay confined to their homes. 

Navratri celebration comprises of fasting, praying and visiting temples of various Goddesses wherein people seek the blessings of the deities. Never had one imagined that one day these darshans would have to be done online. We are the kind of people who do not believe in online Gods, we believe in actually visiting temples and seeking blessings. We also believe that being in temple makes us feel positive as the temple vibes make this positivity happen.

Seeing the present emergencies, it is much required that people stay indoors, basically confined to their homes. Visiting the temples is not at all recommended as the virus is extremely contagious and deadly. The devotees have understood this fact and are contended with online darshans of the various deities. In fact they are pleased to have online darshan in the prevailing janta curfew situation. 

Social media is certainly of help in these kind of emergencies. The various pages are updating themselves regularly and are providing mental relief to the bhaktgan. All with the messages of safety and fight against corona. People are of course craving to visit the temples, but they know that they can visit later and staying alive is the most important thing. All aartis are happening online and the devotion is in place. What can be better than virtual darshan when moving out is totally out of question!!  At least in the present times, the online facilities are a great help.

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