No navratra programmes this year-Corona breaks dandia tradition

No navratra programmes this year-Corona breaks dandia tradition 

Navratri celebrations are beginning from 17th October 
No navratra programmes this year-Corona breaks dandia tradition
The enthusiasm of people is somewhat suffering but arrangements are being made for online dandia. 

What fun this navratra would be without the sound of dandia in various venues!! Corona has affected the most enthusiastic celebration this year. Navratra is beginning from the 17th of October and unlike all other years, this year the celebration is going to be extremely different. 

Symbolic puja will be performed, rest all programmes stand cancelled by all the pandaals and other dandia venues. Many clubs are making arrangements for online dandia performances. Very limited people are being taught to perform garba. The dance class organisers informed that they are teaching people in batches of 7 and the training will go on for 15 days. A batch of 20 people is being trained online. 

The idol makers and sellers are eagerly waiting for customers. 2 stalls have been set up in front of the railway station and the vendors are eagerly waiting for buyers. Until now every year almost 50 percent of the idols used to be booked or purchased, but this year there is no demand of bigger idols and the vendors are worried about their earnings. There used to be almost 10 to 12 stalls in front of the railway station, but covid has reduced the number to 2. 

Even the tent association has stated that every year they used to make arrangements for around 25 venues but this year they haven't yet had a single booking. 
Even the fashionistas might face the same issue and the dress rental shops are also likely to suffer as dandia programmes are full of traditional dress competitions and the hustle and bustle of colours will be missing this year. 

(some of the information is based on media reports)

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