Yellow, Basant and the Reset Button - Haan...mujhe Basant pasand hai!

Yellow, Basant and the Reset Button - Haan...mujhe Basant pasand hai!

Artists embrace a new season for humanity with a big blossom of hope, positive philosophy, music and dance...

Yellow, Basant and the Reset Button - Haan...mujhe Basant pasand hai!
by: Pratima Harigunani

These beautiful flowers of thought and hope bloomed with a special scent at the Kala Ashram College of Performing Arts, Udaipur this week. The occasion was celebration of ‘Basant Panchmi’ and these inspiring words from Director and Guru Dr. Saroj Sharma peeled a new wave of hope for everyone.

She told why it is important for us to welcome a new season and say goodbye to all that was hibernating in the winter so far. She reminded why colours, action and new life are so important for progress – whether you are in a normal year or a post-pandemic year.

“Nature has its own reset button. We see it every year when suddenly pollens, butterflies, bees and small flies come out exactly at this time of the year. They do not need a clock to remind them that autumn is over. Why cannot we humans emulate that stubborn hope for life? Let us begin a new season – with all the wisdom of the winter that is behind us, and with more vigour and colour for the spring ahead. Let us press the ‘reset’ button with a big smile.”

Her sagacious and hope-brimmed words were reflected in the exuberance of songs, performances and musings that the students shared on the stage. There was a special necklace of ‘Todas’ and ‘Tihais’ on a very complex ‘Taal’ called ‘Dhamaar’. The rigour, depth and spell-binding effect that was shown in this performance made everyone sit up at the beautiful tapestry that only Indian classical dances are capable of.

As Guru Dr. Sharma kept reminding, it is important turn a fresh leaf every now and then. We should love Spring – for its colours, for its buoyancy, for its resolve to continue life, and for Goddess Saraswati – who is still the invisible force that runs the world. Art, poetry and music are not peripherals – they are the spring of life. Let them bloom. Let the fragrance spread as far as it can.

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