15 year old student commits suicide

15 year old student commits suicide

The boy was scolded by parents for scoring less marks in examinations.
15 year old student commits suicide
Do not assess a child on the basis of marks. There is more to a child than just the examination score.

A student committed suicide by hanging himself in his residence. He was 15 years old and was reportedly disturbed as parents rebuked him for scoring less marks in exams.

A 15 year old student was found hanging in his room in his residence at Surajpole. The family members were away for shopping on Friday and when they returned home, they found him hanging by the hook.

As per reports, the family had scolded this 10th grade student for scoring very less marks in the Half Yearly examinations. They were constantly pointing out this fact to him which made him feel inferior. When the members left from home for shopping, he found the opportunity to end his life.The boy was brought down from the hook and rushed to MB Hopsital but he was declared dead. The body was handed over to the family after post-mortem. 

Children are now-a-days under tremendous pressure of studies. Parents are after the lives of the children to score good marks, not realising that every student is not the same. Please do not force your children to score good marks, instead encourage them to understand their lessons well. Marks are not the ultimate way to grade a child's performance. There is more to every child than just marks. Tell your children that examinations are not the end, there is much more ahead in life to deal with. Save your children from depression because the prevailing education system is proving to be extremely tough for the students. 

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