2 robbery incidents in one day-BEWARE

2 robbery incidents in one day-BEWARE

Beware of people's tricks on road. You could be their victim.

2 robbery incidents in one day-BEWARE

Beware of people who try to draw your attention to your vehicle’s condition. You are most likely to get robbed. A misleading trick could make you lose your belongings-big or small. Udaipur city has had 2 of such robbery incidents in one day.

It has been reported that a gang is robbing off people by throwing oil over the vehicle’s bonnet. They divert the attention of the vehicle owner and slip away with belongings lying in the car. In one such incident, a laptop and bag was picked away from a car at Udiapole.

Police reports reveal that Bhaskar Raman from Jodhpur was on a visit to the Lake City along with his relative. Bhaskar stayed in the car while his relative went to finish some work. While Bhaskar was still in the car, a youth approached him and informed that oil was leaking from the car. Bhaskar told him that his relative will come and take care of the situation. Then the youth sprayed something on his face and escaped with the bag lying on the car’s seat. Surajpole police is now investigating the matter.

A similar incident happened with a bank employee. This banker was also told about oil leakage and when he got down to check the source of leakage, the youth picked up the bag from the car and escaped. The bag had some documents and keys.

Both the incidents have been recorded in CCTV footage. The robbers were tall and slim but their faces are not clear in the footage. Police is now trying to find more details of both these episodes.

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