3 arrested for gambling in game zone

3 arrested for gambling in game zone

Gambling under game-zone banner.

3 arrested for gambling in game zone

Police arrested 3 people for gambling under the banner of game zone. They raided a game zone in Himalaya Complex at Delhi Gate and arrested 3 people while they were busy with their betting and gambling activity.

When police got information that the basement of Himalaya Complex was being used as a gambling centre, they raided the place. The game zone co-ordinator uses the place for online betting. When police raided the basement, they found Sanwarlal and Krishna Gopal both residents of Bhilwara playing a computer game. The computer screen displayed figures from 0 to 9 which invited betting from 1 rupee to 50 rupees.

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One of the numbers is chosen, betted upon and only after depositing the amount connected with the number can the player go ahead with the betting game. If the betting number opens, then 9 times amount on the number is given to the player. If the number doesn’t open, the betted amount stays with the game zone co-ordinator. The game zone co-ordinator was operating various gambling games in similar ways.

When police searched through the table drawers, they found cash, net connection bills, a note book having user ids and passwords. All items including computers, CPU, keyboards etc. have been seized by police and the co-ordinator and the two gamblers have been arrested.

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