4 arrested for various thefts in Udaipur and Sirohi

4 arrested for various thefts in Udaipur and Sirohi

4 thieves arrested by Hathipole and Gogunda police.

4 arrested for various thefts in Udaipur and Sirohi

4 members belonging to 2 theft rackets have been arrested by police on Sunday. The arrests have been made following a number of thefts in Udaipur and Sirohi.

Ursa Garasia and Ramesh Garasia of Pindwara were arrested by Gogunda police. Both these men have confessed having committed 22 different thefts but surprisingly nothing has yet been recovered from them. Police has not yet been able to find the locations of the stolen goods. As informed by police, 60 mobiles were stolen from a mobile shop and teams were formed to nab the thieves. The culprits will be interrogated thoroughly to find the details of the stolen things. Both the thieves revealed that used to perform recce in the daytime and later come into action between 11 p.m. and 1 a.m. They were accompanied by other gang members for recce during the day. They confessed to having robbed various grocery shops, temples etc. at night. They used screw driver to break the locks of two-wheelers. Another point is that they would keep a 2-day gap between 2 thefts and party after each crime. Out of the 22 thefts, 9 are those of bike-thefts and 13 are those of thefts committed in houses and temples.

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Similarly, Hathipole police has made 2 arrests in cases of bag-snatching. A stolen bike has also been recovered from these 2 thieves. They, too, are part of a theft-racket. Shahrukh Khan and Alfaiz Mohammed have been arrested in cases of bag-snatching. Aged 19 and 18 years, these two youths would leave the city after committing a crime. Police is yet to find details of chain-snatchers; one of the most common incident happening in the city.

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