Cyber Fraud Part 10 - Impersonation Through Social Media

Cyber Fraud Part 10 - Impersonation Through Social Media

Beware of fraudsters who attempt to act as someone you know

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Use caution while using any online apps, especially if you have shared any sensitive information on them. In this Cybercrime article Impersonation Through Social Media fraud will be explained. When communicating with someone on social media, use caution because the virtual world is dangerous. 

Frauds done by creating fake ID

Fraudulent impersonators take on the character of someone you know, such as a friend, coworker, or well-known person. On social media platforms or any other communication app, fraudsters create fake IDs in order to make money. They can also pretend to be representatives of famous brands or companies. 

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These impersonators can be found on all of the popular social media websites utilized by public officials, corporations, influencers, and celebrities. There are  fake accounts that concentrate on defamation or demand for contributions, loans, or extortion as soon as they are linked to you. 

These scams are organized in advance since the fraudster is familiar with you. They just need your sympathy to trick you. They communicate with you with confidence, and they gain your trust by establishing their identity as someone you know who needs help. 

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Avoid this scam

  • Call the individual who needs money to confirm. Do not send the money through a message. 
  • Always check the account details before making a payment.
  • Don't keep your personal information on social media apps, such as your email address, likes, dislikes, or mobile number, visible to everyone. 
  • Don’t accept friend requests from any stranger whom you have not met in person. 
  • Never transfer money without confirming the person’s identity. 
  • Report the occurrence to the local cybercrime police station and the National Cybercrime Reporting Portal

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