Fraud Part 8 - Compromising Credentials Through Search Engines

Fraud Part 8 - Compromising Credentials Through Search Engines

Verify mobile numbers which you get from web search before calling

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In this contemporary world, Cybercrime is widespread. Daily instances of people being scammed by fraudsters employing various schemes are being heard. It is a fact that technology is both useful and potentially dangerous. Knowing how technology and the financial world operate will protect you from being a scam victim. This article will be based on Frauds by Compromising Credentials through Search Engines. 

How does this trick work?

It is evident that you invited the fraudster to steal money from your bank account in this case. This type of fraud occurs when a victim calls unknown or unidentified numbers from the internet and requests help, such as asking to have something or an app recharged or to acquire a subscription. This help may be requested in connection with bank insurance, an Aadhaar update, an online app subscription, etc. 

crime 1

crime 2

First thing to keep in mind is that these search engine contacts may look trustworthy and reliable on their cover pages, but they are actually fake and this is a scam used by fraudsters attract you to their websites.

When a consumer dials one of these numbers, a fraudster will ask them to verify their card information and if they do, they will have access to their bank account. 

crime 3

crime 4

Avoid these Scams:

- Do not use search engines to find customer service contact information. These are frequently disguised by fraudsters. To get contact information, one should always visit a bank's or company's official website. 

- Check before doing any kind of transaction whether the number is verified or not.

- Install security apps such as truecaller to verify the number before calling. 

- Always use the service provider's official website to get the contact information, customer care number, etc.

- Don't call random phone numbers you find on the internet, especially if you need to do any transaction.  

Report the occurrence to the local cybercrime police station and the National Cybercrime Reporting Portal 

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