CRIME UPDATE: Police leaves for Ahmedabad to investigate Silver smuggling through Udaipur

CRIME UPDATE: Police leaves for Ahmedabad to investigate Silver smuggling through Udaipur

A private travels vehicle was carrying approximately 4 quintals 50gm of undeclated Silver from Ahmedabad to Agra via Udaipur

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Police have notified both the Court and GST offices in Udaipur. The metal was confiscated under Sec 102

A team of the Udaipur Police have begun their investigations into the alleged smuggling of Silver in transit through a private bus, being operated by Srinath Travels, Udaipur. The team from Goverdhan Vilas Police station have left for Ahmedabad on Monday morning to look for the owner of the smuggled precious metal.

The probe into this alleged smuggling began when the police intercepted a private passenger bus in-transit from Ahmedabad to Agra, when it was crossing Udaipur late Saturday night.  The police recovered 1.2 tonnes of Silver, packed in 105 pacels, small and big.  The precious metal was packed in the form of 422kgs of silver bars and 722 kgs of jewelry.  The driver said that he had received instructions to deliver these parcels in Udaipur, Nathwara, Jaipur and Agra, piecemeal in separate locations across these cities.

As per SHO Chail Singh of Goverdhan Vilas Police Station, the private vehicle, after being searched during a police checkpost search was found with 105 parcels, both small and big. These parcels, when opened, were found to containt silver metal bars and jewelry.  The driver was interrogated and he said that he had no documents supporting these parcels. He said that the parcels were loaded from the depot of Srinath Travels in Ahmedabad. The police have confiscated the parcels under Sec 102 and the court as well as the GST department have been informed.

Late night on 7 May, Udaipur SP Manoj Kumar had directed the Goverdhan Vilas Police team under SHO Chail Singh to put up blockade on the highway road entering Udaipur. This was done under the supervision of DSP Kundan Kanwariya and Jitendra Singh, Revenue Office. The team stopped bus no. RS97PB3053 which was intransit from Ahmedabdad to Agra. The driver Ghemar Singh was asked for the documents of the parcels that were recovered, and he did not have any supporting documents. All he could say was that the parcels had been loaded into the storage area below the main cabin, from the Ahmedabad office of Srinath Travels.

The police team that effected the interception of this alleged smuggling included Devilal Sauni, HC-18 Ganesh Singh, HC-1997 Ramswaroop, HC-1481 Bhagwati Lal, C-678 Dinesh Singh, C-697 Ashok Kumar, C-3257 Rajesh Kumar, C-3162 Shaitan Ram, C-610 Ravindra Kumar, C-3055 Rajendra Kumar, C-2620 Bhawwati Lal, C-2533 Chhagan Lal, C-2022 Ghanshyam.

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