A female robber gang is extremely active on Udaipur-Mangalwad highway.



As per latest information derived from truck drivers, an all female robber gang is active on highways. They ask for lift on the pretext of sick children and rob on the way.

 A female gang is extremely active on Udaipur-Mangalwad highway. They stop vehicles on this route emphasising the need to rush to hospital with sick children. Once aboard, they plead for money for treatment posing to be helpless and rob the people when they refuse to pay or ask these females to get down from the vehicle. Then these females threaten to report to the police on grounds of harassment and abduction. Mostly truck drivers are being the victims of these females. These drivers do not report due to fear of police case. Some have even complained that their day goes wasted in filing a complaint and delays delivery of goods on destination.

Jitendra, a truck driver from Panipat, gave details of the entire incident. He was on his way to Mumbai with a loaded truck. After he crossed Mangalwad toll plaza, 3 females signalled him to stop. They were carrying 2 kids in their arms. He allowed them to get into his truck. After a short distance, these females asked for some money for the treatment of their kids before getting down from the truck. In order to help, Jitendra took out his wallet. One of the women snatched his purse and asked him to stop the truck. He stopped the vehicle on road side. These females even took his mobile. When he protested and asked for his wallet, the females threatened him that they would gather all the people around against him for harassment. With this, the women took out all of 3000 rupees from his wallet and walked away with his mobile, too. Later when he stopped on a dhaba at Dabok, 2 other truck drivers confessed being victims of similar instances.

CI Virendra Singh Adha of Dabok police station said that they were informed by the natives of that region that females stop vehicles where there is no one else but the driver. Such incidents take place between 8:30 a.m. and 2 p.m. All this had stopped but now that they are being reported again, hawks will be made alert in this area, said CI Adha. Truck drivers who have been victims this Sunday are from Panipat, Ludhiana and Azadpur mandi.


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