Cyber Fraud Part 16 - Message App Banking Fraud

Cyber Fraud Part 16 - Message App Banking Fraud

Don't share your bank details with any stranger

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Every day, many people suffer consequences after responding to sophisticated emails or messages that turn out to be bank scams. A growing problem that has to be addressed is cybercrime. Bank fraud is a common practice nowadays. Bank fraud can be done by SMS, calls, and email. This article will focus on Message App Banking Fraud

Beware of Bank App Frauds

You will receive a call or text from a scammer who claims to be from xyz bank. They will provide you with bogus goods. Imagine they advise you to join a fake bank group that will provide you with all bank information. The Fraudster will ask you to give your bank account details and credentials in order to authenticate your number. This indicates that you have been defrauded. 

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Scammers and fraudsters send emails and SMS messages claiming that your account has won a reward or that your card has been banned or expired. You are then prompted to contact a number or asked for more information. You may occasionally receive messages from scammers using 10-digit cell phone numbers. You should take this as a caution as banks frequently send SMS from unique numbers. 

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Genuine banks never ask for personal information or OTPs, unlike fake texts sent by fraudsters posing as your bank. Even if they ask, you shouldn't disclose any information, including your account number, card number, CVV, or other personal identification information. 

Never click on links in emails or SMS messages, and never disclose personal or financial information without double-checking the validity of the request. Any communications that include suspicious links shouldn't be opened. 

Avoid this scam

  • When answering calls from suspicious numbers asking for your account information, use caution. 
  • As soon as you become aware of the scam, report it to your home branch.
  • Block account to prevent financial loss.
  • Don’t trust unknown callers offering easy banking services and sending texts through messaging apps. 
  • Don’t share card details and OTP. 
  • Report the occurrence to the local cybercrime police station and the National Cybercrime Reporting

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