ALERT-Fake "Amul anniversary" link being rolled out on social platforms

ALERT-Fake "Amul anniversary" link being rolled out on social platforms

Do not open the link received regarding anniversary gift by Amul. It's a malware. 
fake links

Links are being rolled over various social media platforms and groups regarding gifts on the 75th anniversary of Amul. 

Masses are alerted that if they click on these links they might risk a lot. 

It’s a scam. Do not click on the links regarding gifts. As Amul became 75 years old, fraudsters decided to take advantage of this celebration. Links are being trolled offering a reward of 6000/- on the occasion of anniversary.

Many people have received this link which says that clicking on it will make you eligible for a reward of 6000/- rupees. It specifies that if you participate in the survey conducted by Amul, you will be rewarded with 6000/-.


The link looks quite similar as it reads but when you click on it, it takes you to a different link which is actually suspicious. This link is “”. One must refrain from clicking on any of these.

Amul has not conducted any such survey and clicking on the links can throw you into trouble. After the suspicious SBI links, it is now Amul that has been used by online fraudsters for monetary benefits. DO NOT CLICK ON THESE LINKS as they look exactly similar to the company websites but they are actually not. They are designed to take you to a different link and are meant for the purpose of duping.

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