Bike stunts-10 bikes seized, case against one person

Bike stunts-10 bikes seized, case against one person

Modified silencers, over-speeding and stunts on the bike 
Bike stunts-10 bikes seized, case against one person

-There were complaints against people performing bike stunts repeatedly at Rani Road. 

-Case has been registered under Motor Vehicle Act.

Bikes and stunts are a very thrilling combination for the youngsters, but this can prove to be quite dangerous for life and is of course troublesome for the people who are a very close witness to the stunts. In the past police took action against many bikers performing stunts at Rani Road and once again the same thing happened.

People were constantly complaining about bike stunts being performed at Rani Road. Those who frequently go to this area for their morning or evening walks have been getting disturbed by the sounds of the modified bikes.

The bikes have modified silencers which produce loud and disturbing sounds and the bikers perform stunts over-speeding at Rani Road. Ambamata police seized 10 such bikes on Sunday and have booked a case against the main culprit under Motor Vehicle Act.

UPDATE: The vehicle has been released by the police after checking the papers and reprimanding the accused.

The stunt performers must keep this in mind that their stunts must not prove troublesome for others. The loud sound can be very dangerous for the weak at heart, it can cause damage to ear drums and if at all any accident occurs or the bike loses control, the over-speeding vehicle can take the lives of the people around or injure them seriously.

Source: Media Reports

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