Bike theft racket busted-106 bikes recovered

Bike theft racket busted-106 bikes recovered

Bike theft racket has been busted by police.

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Bike theft racket busted-106 bikes recovered

Hiranmagri police have busted a bike theft racket. 106 bikes have been recovered until now. 2 bike thieves were arrested a few days back and 2 more were arrested on Tuesday. 80 bikes were recovered from Onkar Meena and Dinesh Meena both residents of Parsola in Pratapgarh district. Prior to this 2 members of this gang were arrested on 4th December and 26 bikes were recovered.

This is the 2nd big achievement of police in case of bike thefts happening in and around the city since long. Stolen bikes are from Dungarpur, Banswara, Chittor and Udaipur. As per police, these bike thieves would sell the bikes and indulge in merry making in jungles and villages. During their parties, these thieves would plan their next move. Anyone stealing the maximum number of bikes was declared the gang leader.

Bike theft racket busted-106 bikes recovered Bike theft racket busted-106 bikes recovered

This gang leader would then plan the next theft. The gang of thieves had caused enough terror in the village. Their terror was such that no one dared to report against them. A number of cases are going against these bike thieves in Pratapgarh.

Both Dinesh and Onkar frequented Udaipur for work. They used to steal bikes from the city and the nearby areas. After picking bikes, these two thieves never used the main road of the city instead used the narrow muddy roads of villages for escaping with the vehicles. They would hide the stolen vehicles in bushes and in fields. Later they would take out the expensive bike parts and sell off the bikes in much lower price. When police got the news from their informer that these two thieves were in city on 18th December, police traced them and arrested them and seized the bikes.

On 4th December, Ram Meena and Amarlal Meena were arrested by police. 26 bikes were recovered from them. These gang members used to sell expensive bikes worth 80 thousand for mere 2 to 3 thousand rupees in villages. All these 4 thieves belong to the same gang. Investigations are on to find out more details of other members involved in their gang. There is a probability that police will be able to extract information about more stolen vehicles.

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