Brother turns murderer

Brother turns murderer

The deceased was a state level hockey player.
Brother turns murderer
The cousin brother misled police for a long time after murdering his 16 year old brother. Parents had filed a missing report on 16th December.

A 16 year old boy was reported missing by his parents. The missing report of this boy was filed on the 16th of December. 

Hailing from Kaya village, this 16 year old Chagan was a state level hockey player. His body was found on Friday evening in the hills in Kaya. Police was on constant search for this boy since past 10 days. 

The cousin brother Arvind turned out to be the murderer of this boy. Investigations revealed that the grand fathers of these boys were real brothers. Arvind was a labourer in Kaya village.

Hardly 2 months back, Arvind had misbehaved with one of the females of Chagan's family. This irated Chagan and he bashed up Arvind. Since then Arvind was planning to take revenge. On 16th December, he took Chagan to the hills near Kaya and made him consume beer. After this he strangled Chagan to death. 

When police was searching for Chagan, Arvind made a lot of attempts to mislead them. He called up Chagan's uncle from Chagan's mobile phone and pretending to be a kidnapper asked for a ransom of 10 lakh rupees threatening that he would kill the boy in the absence of this amount. He misled police in a number of ways and took deep interest in the investigations. It was only after police learnt of the incident of his misconduct with the female of Chagan's family and the fight that followed, did the police interrogate him and he revealed the truth. 

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